Why is the US Military Such a Big Fan of Hawaiian Shirts?

Military groups ask us to make all kinds of custom apparel for them. But what’s the number one request? Hawaiian shirts

If every day were Hawaiian Shirt Friday, would the world be a better place?

Hawaiian Shirt Friday: just a day at the end of the week when you can take some liberties with the workplace dress code? Or is it a day when barriers between people are broken, common ground is found, and authentic connections are made? 

7 Ways to Style a Scarf for Work, Life, and Brunch: Twilly Scarf Edition

If you don’t know all the ways to style a twilly scarf yet, you are seriously missing out.

How We (and You) Ignite Powerful Connections in Business and Life

Everyone knows the value of connections. In fact, entire tech empires have been built around the concept. 

5 Brand Awareness Ideas Any Business Can Use

When you think of brand awareness ideas, you might think of larger-than-life examples. TV ad spots, stadium names, a mention in a hit song…these tactics can catapult a brand into everyday conversation. 

What Fabrics Are Tightly Woven?

Here at Candor Threads, we are experts in custom apparel design and production because it's what we love. But what we love even more is sharing our expertise with our customers - and really anyone who's just curious. Don’t ask us about the benefits of digital printing at a cocktail party unless you're ready for some real talk! (Spoiler: It’s easier on the environment.)

8 Promotional Product Trends to Watch in 2021

Like others in the promo industry, we had to evolve to make it in 2020. 

What Does the Workplace Dress Code Even Mean in the New Normal?

For many of us, the button-down shirt hanging off the back of the home office chair - the “Zoom shirt” - is the current state of the workplace dress code. And for now, it does the trick. 

17 Morale Boosting Ideas for the Virtual Office

Welcome back to your virtual office! It's a new year, with a new outlook and new opportunities for kids and pets to photobomb important meetings. 

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