Preorder Campaigns

Now your group can hold a preorder campaign with 100% exclusive custom apparel. Let’s work together to create something you love!

Are you looking to create a fun shirt or some swag, but don’t want to make the investment? A preorder campaign is the perfect solution. It takes the pressure off you to collect money and deliver product. We’ll handle all the details and keep you informed every step of the way.

Non-Profits, Schools, Military Groups, Independent Designers & Artists, Fraternities & Sororities, Reunions, and Group Events

What your group gets

  • 100% customizable products that you love. 
  • Designs and patterns that are exclusive to your group.
  • A link to a custom landing page, where your group can purchase their one-of-a-kind product. 
  • Real time updates and complete transparency!
  • Hassle free, no money down, no risk…

4 Easy Steps

1. Select Product

Choose from any of our high-quality apparel products.

2. Create Design

Our designers will create artwork that is 100% exclusive to your group:  we use your logo, mascot, colors, imagery and design ideas!

3. Blast Link

We provide you with a link to your custom preorder landing page. You send the link out to your group and let the ordering begin.

4. Receive!

Once the preorder ends and you’ve hit your minimum order requirement, we head into production and ship direct to your door!

Contact us for more information

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  • How many preorder sales do you expect to receive? The majority of our products have a 30 piece minimum.
  • We recommend having your preorder period open for between 2-4 weeks, and our production and shipping times are between 6-8 weeks for most items.
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Preorders FAQ

Limited Time & Availability

Products offered in these campaigns are available for preorder only.  Once a preorders campaign is closed, that’s it: we only produce what your group purchases to reduce waste. It’s better for the environment!  

Preorders Point Person

Each organization that wants to create a preorder campaign will need one point person to reach out to us to start custom artwork, develop order details, and approve the group’s swatch.

Minimum order requirements

Most of our products have a 30 piece minimum: shirts, ties, scarves, shorts, and more. Masks have a 100 piece minimum and socks have a 200 piece minimum.

Your group must meet the Minimum Order Quantity for the preorders campaign to move into production.

In case you do not meet your minimum order requirement of 30 pieces, your order will be cancelled and your card will not be charged.

Turnaround time

We recommend having your preorder period open for around two weeks, and our production and shipping times are between 6-10 weeks for most items. This means the time from purchase to receiving may be between 8-12 weeks, but we think 100% custom made apparel is worth the wait!

Purchase / Billing

As long as the preorders campaign’s minimum is met, your card will be charged for your order when the pre-sales period is closed.

In case the campaign does not meet your minimum order quantity, your purchase will be cancelled and your card will not be charged.


Our shipping options include USPS first class (tracking included), USPS priority (tracking included), or Fedex ground. APO/FPO addresses, please choose USPS. Local orders can also choose pickup at our office in Chicago.

Other Product Questions