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Supporting Military Families

The Military Spouse Ambassador Program aligns with our commitment to supporting our armed forces and their families. It’s designed to offer military spouses a flexible and rewarding opportunity to earn money while working on their terms.

Could This Be You?


Turn your social connections and support for your military family into an opportunity to earn extra income! Our  Ambassador Program is here to help you do that – without any commitments or schedules.

You’re already a go-to person in your military community, known for your personality, strong social network, and knack for bringing people together, so imagine being able to leverage those skills to introduce an exciting product that’s a hit among military squadrons – custom Hawaiian shirts!

If you think a squadron, a group, or a friend, would be interested in creating their own shirt, make an email intro. For every introduction that leads to a sale, you earn a commission – it’s that simple! No pressure, no commitments, just the freedom to earn extra income while doing what you’re already doing, connecting with your community, sharing cool finds, and supporting your military family!


How It Works

Participation in our program is simple and non-committal:

Share Our Products: Military spouses share our products within their networks, showcasing our custom Hawaiian shirts and other offerings.

Introduce Us: If there’s interest, a military spouse introduces us to potential clients or contacts via email.

Earn Commission: Should the introduction result in a sale, the military spouse earns a commission!

This program empowers military spouses to leverage their networks, earn additional income, and work flexibly around their unique schedules and commitments.

Join Us

If you’re a military spouse excited about this opportunity or know someone who might be interested, we’d love to have you on board! Please email us at military@candorthreads.com to learn more and become a part of our Military Spouse Ambassador Program.

At Candor Threads, we’re thrilled to create avenues that not only celebrate the vibrant military community but also empower and support the incredible individuals who form a vital part of it. Join us in this fantastic initiative today!

A photo of a group of people wearing Hawaiian shirts. Five people in front are kneeling for the photo.

Mission Systems Test & Eval Department

“We just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing job. From start to finish all of your reps were super patient and helpful in the process. We were able to order TWO styles. Blue was popular but we also honor our enlisted and veterans with R.E.D. (Respect Everyone Deployed). We received so many compliments from everyone on base about how amazing our team looked and it wouldn’t have been possible without Kristine Moore from Customer Service & Sales, the production team, and the shipping partners. We look forward to our next order. Those who were on the fence have fallen over since seeing the outcome.”

– Jazmin Brown

A photo of eleven people (and one dog) outside wearing purple Hawaiian shirts.

Joint Staff J7 JID-TC

“Your ears must have been burning – I was going to send you a note! The shirts came out GREAT! We’ve got a unit BBQ on Saturday, and I was going to send you some pictures you can use, if desired. And I’ll definitely leave a Google review as well. The shirts were absolutely worth the wait. Hope you’re doing well!”

– Gregg Scott

A photo of nine people wearing the USAF AMMOS shirts Candor Threads created.


20th Anniversary

“Thank you so much for your time and dedication to helping us get our shirts on time. Our Anniversary event was fantastic and our custom Hawaiian shirts were a huge hit. Everyone loved the quality, fitting, and the “exclusive for AMMOS” tag. Those that didn’t get in on our pre-orders are begging us to order more. I hope USAF Advanced Maintenance and Munitions Operations School is able to order more shirts from you again in the future!”

– Maj Dayna “Mando” Grant

Ambassador Program FAQ

any questions?

Ambassadors get 10% of the gross sale revenue, after any applicable customer discounts.  Military customers receive 5% off our retail prices, and then ambassadors receive a 10% of the sale.  You can see a breakdown of the costs and payouts per order here at this PDF.

No! There is no committment required.  The program is designed to be flexible, allowing military spouses to participate on their own terms.

In our first stage of our ambassador program, we’re including military and their spouses to become ambassadors.  After the rollout, we’ll consider other possible ambassadors.

Just reach out to us at military@candorthreads.com to get started!  We’ll put together a sample pack of our shirts, fabric swatches, and promotional materials for you to review and share with others.

Military spouses can promote any Candor Threads products, which includes custom Hawaiian shirts, shorts, ties, and other offerings.

There are no costs associated with joining this program.  Any military spouse can get started for free!

Got more questions?  Reach out to us at military@candorthreads.com and we’re happy to answer!

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