We’ll ask you to send your logo in a high-resolution (preferably .ai or .eps) file format. Vector art files allow our designers to resize and make any necessary changes without recreating the logo from scratch. If you don’t have either of these, send us what you have and we’ll go from there.

Next, tell us if you have any specific colors or design idea you’d like to see in your design.  Sending us your Pantone color codes is ideal though not necessary. From there one of our skilled designers will develop some totally cool custom options for your group!

Turnaround times depends on the product being ordered. In general, custom ties, scarves, and shirts are taking 6-10 weeks to be delivered from the date of final artwork approval.

Artwork approval can take a few days to a few weeks, depending on your needs and the number of revisions. Once sent to production, requesting a sample of your order (available for orders of 250 pieces or more) will add an additional 2-3 weeks to the total turnaround time. Changes to the emailed test swatch will likely add extra time to production. Be sure to carefully review your artwork before approving it to avoid delays.

Please let us know if you’re working against a hard deadline. We may be able to accommodate a faster turnaround time, just contact us and we’ll see what’s possible!

Keep in mind that occasional, unexpected manufacturing, shipping, or customs delays beyond our control may occur. These instances are rare, but if you have a hard deadline, we highly recommend placing your order sooner rather than later to avoid unforeseen delays.

Once your order is submitted to our manufacturer, we’ll provide a photo of the printed swatch for your review. Providing a swatch image is a great way to ensure you’re satisfied with the final product. If necessary, we can ask our manufacturer to make a revision to the swatch and provide a new photo. Please keep in mind that revisions can add additional time to the production of your order.

In an effort to keep things moving, an order of 30-99 pieces will receive one initial swatch image and one revised swatch image, if needed.  For orders of 100-249 pieces, we can provide an initial swatch image and up to two revised swatches. Orders over 250 pieces can utilize more revisions, but this is rarely needed.

To ensure a smooth swatch approval process, please review your final artwork carefully before the order is sent to production.

We take pride in our high-quality products and want you to be proud to wear them! Since everything we provide is made-to-order, once production begins, we cannot cancel an order, nor can we accept returns. That said, if your items are not as you approved or have manufacturer defects, please contact us within 30 days of receipt and we’ll do our best to make sure you’re completely satisfied.

We include two hours of complimentary design time for orders of 30-99 pieces. This is generally enough time for a few initial mock-ups and revisions to your favorite design. We provide more design time for larger orders of 100 pieces or more, if necessary. Designs requiring additional revisions, past our complimentary time, will incur artwork fees of $45/hour. We’ll be sure to let you know if any overages are about to occur before charging for the additional time. Any artwork fees will be added to your invoice and will be due once the order is sent to production.

If you prefer to develop a design internally, we can provide templates and specifications for your designer.

We understand the importance of trademarked designs and we’re experienced in color-matching our products. We do so by utilizing the Pantone color matching system (PMS) in our artwork and the finished product. That said, perfect color replication cannot be fully guaranteed. It’s also worth noting that colors can appear differently on your computer screen than on physical fabric or on paper.

Regarding neckties: For the most accurate color-matching result, we recommend digital printing. If woven ties are selected, our manufacturer will do their best to match your colors with the thread colors available.

If necessary, with a placed order, we can request a physical swatch of the produced fabric. This will add 2-3 weeks to your turnaround time.

Hawaiian shirts are available in youth, men’s, and women’s sizes, ranging from XS-5XL. Our standard men’s shirts feature a relaxed, loose fit while our women’s shirts are more tailored through the arms and chest. For women’s shirts, it may be best to go up 1-2 sizes from your regular size.  Our men’s slim-fit is also tailed for a more fitted look.

For the most accurate fit, we recommend laying your favorite button-down shirt on a flat surface and comparing its measurements to our charts.

Our styles include men’s/unisex fit, men’s slim fit, standard women’s cut, and women’s tea timer/vintage style. Visit our Custom Hawaiian shirt page to see photos of these 4 options.


If you’re unsure of what sizes to order for your group, a general breakdown of sizes is typically 10% S, 20% M, 30% L, 35% XL, and 5% 2XL. This can vary from one group to the next and you can adjust accordingly. You can find our full manufacturer’s sizing charts here.


Due to the custom nature of our products, we cannot honor size exchanges once the order is produced. Please review the sizing charts carefully.

Woven ties feature a rich texture and a heavier weight for a luxurious feel. Our woven ties are loom woven with silk or polyester threads as opposed to embroidering a design on a preexisting tie. Because weaving involves arranging threads in the fabric, designs that are very complex may be better suited for digital printing. Woven ties are also limited to 6 colors.

While our manufacturers do their best to match Pantone colors in a woven tie design, they are limited to the thread colors available. For this reason, there may be slight variances in color. If an exact Pantone color match is important to your group, we recommend digitally printed ties for a closer color match.

Printed ties are generally digitally printed on silk or polyester fabric. Using this method, there is no limit to the number of colors or gradients you can use! Digital printing is ideal for designs that are too complex to be produced through weaving. It’s also the best method to match Pantone colors as closely as possible. Keep in mind that tiny details and text are less crisp with digital printing than with woven tie production methods.

Both digitally printed ties and woven ties are currently taking 6-10 weeks to deliver.

Digital printing is similar to an inkjet printing process but is used on fabric rather than paper. It allows for full-color designs and gradients. It’s a great choice for reproducing artwork or colorful designs! It’s also the best option for matching Pantone colors. The process is highly efficient compared to screen printing, making it the more environmentally friendly option! That said, the dye doesn’t always penetrate as deeply on some fabrics, resulting in one-sided scarves.

Contact us to hear what scarf fabric options are available and to learn which fabrics are best for digital printing. Because the backside of the fabric isn’t seen on ties and Hawaiian shirts, this is less of an issue for these products.

Screen Printing uses screens applied to fabric one color at a time. It’s great for capturing the smaller details in a design, but is limited by the number of colors that can be used. With screen printing, the dye penetrates the fabric more thoroughly than with digital printing resulting in stronger bleed-through to the backside of the fabric.  Because this is a less efficient dye process, our manufacturers only screen print designs of 250 pieces or more. Screen-printed designs must also have solid, flat colors, usually represented by Pantone colors.

If we accept your order with a specific in-hand date, you will have the option to reject the order if the delivery terms are not met.

Please let us know if you have a hard deadline so we can establish the necessary time needed to meet your in-hand date. While we do our best to ensure every customer receives their order in a timely fashion, we cannot guarantee the delivery of your order for dates that are not specified in advance.

If you place a rush order (ie: shorter than our general stated turnaround time) and we have to ship the order directly or overnight, you will be responsible for the additional shipping charges. We have no other rush fees.

Once your order is finalized, we request payment in full upon receiving your order confirmation and invoice.

Please contact our accounts and billing specialist with any questions or billing concerns. Kaitlin@CandorThreads.com

The word Candor is in our name for good reason! There are no hidden costs or set-up fees. Your total includes the upfront pricing for your custom apparel, any upgrade costs, additional artwork charges (if applicable), and the shipping and handling charges from our headquarters in Chicago to you. We accept payment by check, money order, or credit card. Please let us know if you need a formal estimate or have any other billing concerns.

We’ve called Chicago our (sweet) home since 1982!  A few of our employees work remotely, and our long-term manufacturing partner is located overseas.

Fear not! We’re just a quick phone call or email away. Contact us at 800-998-8437 or send us an email at hello@candorthreads.com. We’re open Monday-Friday 9am-5m Central/Chicago time and look forward to answering your questions.

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