5 Brand Awareness Ideas Any Business Can Use

When you think of brand awareness ideas, you might think of larger-than-life examples. TV ad spots, stadium names, a mention in a hit song…these tactics can catapult a brand into everyday conversation. 

But brand awareness isn’t just about a familiar name or logo, it’s also about creating a memory for potential customers of the value you can provide them.

Remember Wilson from Cast Away? Of course you do. And so does every person shopping for a tough-as-nails volleyball (whether on the beach for vacation or due to marooning). The Wilson brand is lodged in our minds as the kind of sporting equipment that can go through the wringer and still be relied on for years. 

Of course, not all of us can build brand awareness by co-starring with Tom Hanks. But any business can – and should – do it. No matter your marketing budget. 

Read on to learn how you can implement 5 easy and affordable brand awareness ideas that can lift you up in the minds of potential customers and attract your ideal clients.  

Why is brand awareness important?

Effective brand awareness ideas and strategies can turn prospective customers into your biggest fans and, eventually, into natural brand ambassadors. 

And as aspirational as that may sound, the consequences of neglecting brand awareness are very real. In a match-up between an unknown business and one with a familiar brand, the more recognizable competitor will likely win – even if they provide inferior products or services. It happens every day. We tend to go with what we know. 

But if you’re still not convinced brand awareness is worth your time and marketing dollars, think about these benefits: 

It gives you a head-start.

You can connect with a wider audience that doesn’t yet have – or know they have – the problem your business solves. And when it’s time for them to weigh their options and your competition, you’re bumped up the list of the top contenders. 

It amplifies your other initiatives.

When your brand is well known in your industry, your best-fit customers self-select and engage all the great marketing assets you’ve invested in for qualified leads. So by the time they connect with your sales team, they already know who you are, what you do, and that they just might like you. 

It lets you do what you do best.

With an affinity for your brand and a foundation of trust already established with each new customer, you can focus on delivering on your promises and strengthening your relationship with them. Do what you got into your business to do!

custom apparel brand awareness ideas

What are easy, affordable brand awareness ideas?

Can’t name a stadium or do some product placement in a major motion picture? Here are some tried and true tactics with a solid ROI that any business can use.

1. Get real mileage out of promo products with custom apparel.

Promo products are a staple of brand awareness, and custom apparel has high impressions and staying power. Plus, when you design truly unique custom apparel, you get the wow factor of people asking “Where did you get that?!” All of a sudden, this customer wearing the custom Hawaiian shirt you sent them is an authentic brand ambassador.

2. Establish yourself as a subject matter expert in your industry.

Submitting thoughtful articles to industry publications or speaking at forums and conferences is a great way to get your brand and its vision out there. 

3. Partner up!

Consider creating an affiliate program with businesses in adjacent markets. Or you can team up with a bigger brand on a project or initiative. Influencer marketing can also raise brand awareness, but try targeting micro-influencers who have a solid, relevant following and aren’t (yet) flooded with other brand’s requests. 

4. Offer timely referral promotions.

If you know your product or service is especially useful at certain times – like the start of the school or tax season – tell your current customers you’ll offer them a discount for every successful referral. Your clients will have a network full of people who need to do their taxes, but they will naturally do the work of only referring those they think will benefit and be a good fit for you. No one likes to push products they don’t believe will help!

5. Get involved in your community.

Try sponsoring a little league or donating to local nonprofit fundraisers. These activities not only increase your brand exposure but also help to shape your brand as one that gives back to the community. And for many of today’s consumers, that is a vital factor in their decision-making.  

Candor Threads is a custom apparel company that has been connecting groups through wearable comradery for over 38 years. If you would like to learn more about our custom apparel options, contact us today!

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