Candor Experiences Presents
'Rivers of Connection'

connection through exploration & play!

Candor Experiences Presents
'Rivers of Connection'

connection through exploration & play!

Rivers of Connection Retreat

Escape to the serene beauty of The Great River Ranch, surrounded by 175 acres of private hiking & biking trails and picturesque scenery. This tranquil environment sets the stage for a 2 night transformative retreat focused on deep human connection

We’ll create a safe space for small group shares, where we will tap into the power of active listening, empathy, and vulnerability. Through group facilitation and play-based activities, we’ll expose blindspots, challenge deep-rooted beliefs, and begin shifting perspectives. 

Come with an open heart, ready to embrace a mindset of curiosity on this intimate journey of  exploration and joyful childlike play. This indoor/outdoor immersive experience will leave you with a network of support, new angles at which to explore relationships, personal growth, and the magic of human connection.


The Details

Dates: 9/10/24 – 9/12/24

Location: The Great River Ranch, 4976 Lynn Hollow Ln, Potosi, WI 53820  (The nearest airport is Dubuque Regional Airport (45 minutes) or a scenic 3 hour drive from Chicago.)

Cost: Rooms are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Pricing and room options below.



Apply Now

We want to get to know you! Who you are as a human, your stories, and different perspectives are going to help shape the group dynamic. This experience is tailored to our participants. To join, submit your application below. You’ll receive an email confirmation upon review.


Click here: Rivers Of Connection Application



Connection is at the ❤️ of ALL we do!


Human beings who are open, without judgment, and ready to experience all the feels!

  • We have both individual and shared rooms available.
  • Rooms come equipped with either a king or queen size bed.
  • If you choose, you can apply to share a room with a friend! It is an additional $1,250/room, lowering the per person cost.
  • Please refer to the chart above for detailed room options.
  • For any further inquiries, please contact Becky at


Leave your wallet at home! All food, beverages, and activities are included.


Becky Feinberg-Galvez is a curiosity-driven, dynamic visionary who believes in the power of transparent and authentic conversations. She possesses a unique ability to connect with people on a deep level, which has been the driving force in building strong communities wherever she goes.

She is the CEO of Candor Threads, a custom apparel and events company that celebrates all things that bring people together. Becky is the current President of EO Chicago and has served in a leadership role the past 5 years.  She’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs and leaders get curious, dive deep, and create meaningful connections.

In her free time, you can find Becky traveling the world, making friends on airplanes,  cheering on the soccer sidelines, running, and singing 90’s tunes in a karaoke bar.

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