7 Ways to Style a Scarf for Work, Life, and Brunch: Twilly Scarf Edition

If you don’t know all the ways to style a twilly scarf yet, you are seriously missing out.

Bold statement? Maybe. But as a custom apparel company that’s been designing and producing scarves for our clients since 1982, we like to think we know a thing or two about this essential accessory. 

Whether you’re already a twilly fan or you’re just learning about them, let us be your go-to for these how-to scarf styles. Even the most skilled twilly wearer can still learn a few tricks. 

And we believe this terribly underrated accessory can do a lot more heavy lifting than most fashion-forward folk even realize. From work to brunch and beyond, read on for 7 ways to style a scarf: The Twilly Edition. 

If you’ve ever wondered how to wear a skinny scarf, blame Hermès

For most of scarf history, your scarf style options were pretty dialed in. That is until – according to internet lore – Hermès introduced the Twilly in the Autumn-Winter fashion season of 2003

The new “skinny scarf” dimensions took everything you love about a beautiful scarf and scaled it down to a lovely little stretch of fabric that’s 34 inches long and just two inches wide. 

This scarf was called the Twilly. So named after the twill weaving technique that makes this item a soft yet strong accessory that drapes effortlessly. 

And when Hermès debuted their twilly, they did what they do best. They used the same meticulous screen printing process to apply their iconic designs as they use with their classic silk square scarves (a favorite of Jackie-O and other fashion royalty).

But even they didn’t know the full breadth of this skinny scarf’s versatility and its fashion accessory potential. Hermès or not, the twilly packs a punch.

How to wear this scarf in your hair? Let us show you the ways

1. No-fuss headbandhow to scarf styles headband

For those who have messed around with trying to turn a square scarf into a headband to no avail – the twilly is your solution. Just wrap this around your head, tie it snuggly at the base and let the remaining length of the scarf drape over your shoulder. Or wrap the twilly around your head, make a secure twist at the base and wrap it back around to make a stylish crowning knot at the top. 

how to scarf styles braid twilly

2. Add high-style to basic dos

Secure your hair in a ponytail then wrap the scarf over the elastic to make a draping bow or a knot with scarf flowing. Or, to add panache to a braid, fold the scarf in half and secure the middle crease at the base of your hair with bobby pins, then weave the twilly in as you braid your hair.

But wait, there’s way  more how-to scarf styles for the twilly!

Hate to say, “but wait, there’s more…” but with the twilly – there is. You can wear it:

how to scarf styles wrist twilly

3. As a textile bracelet

Wrap your twilly around your wrist as a vibrant alt-bracelet. Try different tie knots for different looks. 

how to scarf styles handbag

4. To elevate your handbag

You can simply tie your twilly in a bow on the handle, or wrap the entire handle with the scarf. Just knot one end of the scarf at one end of the handle, wind the scarf around the length of the handle so it showcases the scarf’s design, and tie it off at the other end.

how to scarf styles neck twilly

5. Round the neck – classic with a trendy twist

Scarves were made to go around necks, and the twilly is no different. But think of the twilly as one very silky necklace. Tie it snugly around your neck with the knot to the side and scarf flowing. Or tie a low knot so the length of the scarf drapes around your neck like an opera necklace with the knot as the pendant. And have fun with layering!

how to scarf styles belt twilly

6. Round the waist

Cinch up loose silhouettes with the twilly, tying it off with a classic knot or bow. Or wrap it around your belt for a little something extra on this everyday accessory. 

how to scarf styles hat band

7. Even on your hat

For those who love a good hat (who doesn’t?), trim it out by making your twilly the gorgeous band above the brim. 

And these are just the Instagram-documented ways to style a twilly scarf. Fashionistas everywhere are already testing new use cases. 

But now you know the utter fashion potential of the twilly scarf. And you’re probably a new (or born-again) twilly evangelist. 

Well, take it from us, the best way to convert your friends is to get them their own twilly scarf. But you don’t need to get your gang a bundle of designer scarves (no doubt dropping a bundle yourself) to do it. 

In fact, do one better and be your own Hermès. Design your own for your group, business, or organization and make a fashionable statement that represents your team, brand, or cause. 

Here’s how to commission your own twilly for your group

Envision your own design, something unique and special for your group. Think colors and images that mean something to you all. Work with our talented custom apparel designers, honing the imagery and choosing the ideal fabric and design printing process. Then leave the rest to us. 

Soon you’ll share your gift of twillies knowing that everyone will love the one-of-a-kind design and the many ways they can wear it. 

It sounds fancy – and the quality is – but the price isn’t. Hermès may have started this trend, but we’re here to help you make it your own.

Candor Threads is a custom apparel company that has been connecting groups through wearable comradery for over 38 years. If you would like to learn more about our custom apparel options, contact us today!

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