About Us

Learn more about our values and our team

Our Core Values

Our Mission

We ignite connections and strengthen communities through custom apparel.

Make an Impact

We go the extra mile to consciously create meaningful relationships through trust, respect, and transparency.

Have Fun and Help Out

We love what we do and we are energized by helping others achieve their best.

Constantly Evolving

We embrace differences, adapt quickly, and invest in our culture.

How We Started

Candor Threads first started out as Corporate Textiles in 1982 when founder Arnie Kapp began making cold calls to sell ties.  Arnie started winning over customers and connections alike from his basement office.  More importantly, he instilled the importance of speaking with candor and treating every customer as a friend.

These values center our business to this day, as the company is now led by Arnie’s daughter Becky Galvez as CEO.    We’re proud of the strong relationships we’ve forged with our customers, suppliers, and each other in order to deliver over a million high-quality custom apparel items to tens of thousands of customers.

Check out the history of our name change on our blog! > 

Our awesome team


CEO and Co-Owner

  • Loves singing 90s tunes
  • Running and cycling workout time is “me” time
  • Great at making friends on flights (pre-pandemic)


CFO and Co-Owner

  • Great cook that makes enough for the whole neighborhood
  • Fashionable shoe addict
  • Secretly loves junk candy



  • Loves all things purple
  • Houseplant addict: currently at 42 and counting…
  • Enjoys painting, crafting, and making lace
Emmi Mokhtar



  • Has a penchant for British police procedurals
  • Creates amigurumi delights
  • Takes her tea with two teabags, six sugars, and milk
Emmi Mokhtar



  • Brews the meanest kombucha
  • Has collected over 4,000 fancy erasers since 1986
  • Will win any Breaking Bad, Games of Thrones, or The Wire trivia night



  • Known to randomly burst into song
  • A cotton candy connoisseur
  • Always down for a good Netflix binge



  • Likes to eat tomatoes like apples
  • Has an 11 year old cockapoo named Sam, he is my best bud
  • Drinks iced coffee every morning, even during the wintertime in Chicago



  • Has appeared in dozens of telenovelas
  • Spontaneously materializes on the beach on weekends
  • Is living proof that pizza can be eaten every day




  • The beach is her happy place
  • Loves sunsets, her puppy Nala, Da Bears, playing volleyball and her family
  • Quotes Friends like it’s her job