Today’s Most Popular Upskilling Tools for Continuous Employee Development

Today’s Most Popular Upskilling Tools for Continuous Employee Development

At Shop4ties we work hard to develop a strong company culture that values learning and the success of each of our team members. As a family-owned company in the customized apparel world, we are also always on the lookout for ways to enhance our business and design skills and create a better customer experience. For those reasons, the boom in upskilling tools and software is very much on our radar. 

These innovative approaches to professional development range from educational benefits management to free language learning apps – and they are all pretty darn exciting. Here is a look at some of the top upskilling software out there and how they help employees – and their companies – be the best at what they do.


This online learning community provides project-based video tutorials on almost any skill or tool under the sun. Want to learn how to use Illustrator, take Instagram-worthy photos, or increase your productivity? There’s a Skillshare course for that. Additionally, their business solution Skillshare for Teams offers even more course options in a tailored program for each company.

Guild Education

For companies that offer education benefits to their employees like tuition reimbursement, Guild Education takes those initiatives to the next level. Their platform brings together a vetted network of educational institutions, personalized coaching in education and career goals, and program administration capabilities that make tax compliance, tuition, and all the paperwork so much easier.


Another online learning platform, Coursera not only has a multitude of course offerings but also provides professional certificates and degree programs. They are able to offer these credentials through their partnership with universities and companies like Stanford and Google. Similar platforms include Udacity and EdX.

LinkedIn Learning

When LinkedIn acquired the online learning platform they created LinkedIn Learning. This platform uses a monthly subscription model and offers thousands of courses created by industry experts. And this is another one that offers separate upskilling solutions for businesses.


This upskilling platform offers online courses with a focus on technology skill development. Whether you need to learn a new programming language like Python or want to explore courses in Ethical Hacking Fundamentals, Pluralsight has you covered.


VirtualSpeech is on-demand online learning with a futuristic twist – virtual reality (VR

). By leveraging VR, they are able to lean into courses and training in soft skills like public speaking. Employees can combine the usual online classes with VR to practice skills and get feedback. VirtualSpeech can also integrate with a company’s existing learning management system to bring its unique features to the current system.


For companies that do work on a global scale or serve multi-lingual communities, proficiency in more than one language is a must. Duolingo is a great little learning app with an evidence-based, gamified approach to language acquisition – and it’s free! It also has companion podcasts in Spanish and French so learners can train their ear to native speakers


If you know the business value of company mentoring programs but struggle with implementing one, Guider is your solution. The software has a long list of capabilities and features, but here is the gist: Guider uses AI to find the best mentor/mentee matches in your company, manages program administration, and uses analytics to track progress toward goals for each mentee and the program as a whole.

Shop4ties is a family-owned customized apparel company that has been providing custom scarves, ties, shirts, and more for over 37 years. Contact us for your custom printed apparel needs and see the difference our company culture of learning makes in your work with us.
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