Customized Apparel Your College Graduates Can Wear in the Real World

Customized apparel for college graduates can carry on the school spirit for your newly-minted alumni

It’s hard to believe, but college graduation is around the corner. And if you are looking for a way to send off your university’s graduates in style, customized apparel they can wear in the “real world” is a great option. 

Branded attire is a great way to cultivate a lasting connection between your school and your departing senior class. But when people think of custom college gear, cozy sweatshirts or gameday-ready jerseys usually come to mind. While these will always have a spot in the bleachers of homecoming games, consider some career center-approved apparel options your alumni can proudly wear anywhere they go.

Custom bow ties and neckties for those networking events

A custom woven or printed tie can be a real asset for job applicants and networkers – especially if the person hiring is also an alum of your university. And as recent graduates get ready for the impending years-long wedding season of their college friends, custom bow ties are the perfect wearable call back for these celebrations. 

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Custom scarves are more useful than branded beverage koozies

And more versatile! Long scarves, square scarves, twilly scarves, scarves made of silk and scarves designed with matching ties – your university’s apparel website could devote a separate site to scarves alone. And scarves, of course, can be worn by all, in all seasons, in casual or formal settings. A truly universal accessory, just like their new degree.

Custom performance shirts for the “adulting” athlete

Performance shirts, also called dry fits, are made of a moisture-wicking fabric blend that athletes love. Unlike the college jersey or t-shirt, a dry fit shirt works as hard as the person who is wearing it. For your college graduates and alumni who have real adult fitness goals like doing a triathlon, custom performance shirts with your university logo are a great way to represent your school as they cross the finish line.

Ideas for a unique design for your university or college group

Whether you create a design around your mascot, motto, colors, or crest, your graduates will be glad for the customized apparel they can wear beyond the tailgate.

If you feel inspired by these real-life applications of your college gear, it’s not too late to start your order so it is ready for graduation. Customized apparel takes a little time (about 6-8 weeks) to create a unique design and then manufacture and deliver your finished product. But it is worth the effort. Your college gift shop or online apparel store will have a whole new set of top sellers – and some stylish alumni to boot.

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Shop4ties is a family-owned customized apparel company that has been providing custom scarves, ties, shirts, and more for over 37 years. Contact us to create unique, custom printed apparel for your university and university groups that they will proudly wear year after year.
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