7 Tips For Dressing Up Your Athleisure Outfit

At Shop4ties we’ve recently added a new customized apparel option to our line up of custom ties, scarves, and Hawaiian shirts – our new custom performance shirts. These performance shirts, also sometimes called dry fits or athletic shirts, are so comfortable they have us wondering if we can wear them all the time.

The good news is, advocates of athleisure fashion say yes. But taste-makers go a bit further and suggest dressing those athleisure pieces up a bit to look more put-together – and less straight-from-the-gym. We’ve curated some of their best ideas for how to wear your athleisure all over town and still cut a fashionable figure.

1. Of course, layers 

One of the fundamentals of dressing up your athleisure outfit is to add some stylish layers. The options for adding dimension are pretty limitless: a knit sweater over an oxford shirt with yoga pants, a fitted athletic shirt with a custom scarf and jacket, or an open button-down shirt- belted or tied at the front – over a sports bra. You can layer to your heart’s content.

2. Leverage the tracksuit… 50% of the way 

Before the word “athleisure” even came into being, there was the tracksuit. A favorite of active old folks and street style mavens alike, the tracksuit is versatile and, as we can see from its reinvention in the new wave of athleisure trends, it has staying power. Glamour recommends breaking up your tracksuit pieces by pairing the jacket with skinny jeans, or the pants with a fitted graphic top.

3. Go monochromatic with a pop

Take your classic black yoga pants and stick with a monochromatic color palette for a polished, minimalist look. But to add some drama, include a brightly colored accessory like sunglasses in the summer or a knit hat in the cooler months. With this outfit you can go from your couch to the museum and back again, all while looking like you put in far more effort than you actually did.

4. Play with different textures

Most athleisure is all about smooth textures with a matte finish, so pairing it with contrasting fabric textures and structured silhouettes gives your outfit a more dynamic feel. Think leather, silk, or denim. The Trend Spotter says you can’t go wrong with a leather jacket when it comes to elevating athleisure with a punk edge.

5. The guys can athleisure too

If you think pulling off brunch-ready athleisure looks is a trend just for the ladies, you would be mistaken. Men’s athletic attire can also be styled for more spaces than just the gym. But what is true for the women is true for the men – it’s all about balance. Pair basketball shorts or athletic shirts with a more fashionable counterpart, like in the photo above. And if you have a custom performance shirt with a great design, your outfit doesn’t have to quit after brunch!

6. Don’t forget some sharp sneaks

A pair (or two, or three) of great sneakers is a must-have for any athleisure wardrobe. But Stitch Fix rightly calls out that if you want to pull off a put-together athleisure outfit, you simply cannot wear your worn-out gym shoes. For sneakerheads, this is common-sense advice that goes without saying. But for the rest of us, consider this a gentle reminder to opt for fashion sneaks, keep them clean, and save your gym shoes for the treadmill.

7. Wear that sweatshirt on the town

No longer relegated to the cozy confines of lounging in front of the television, sweatshirts have found a place out on the town. Apartment Therapy recommends dressing up a sweatshirt like you would any other party top. Try it out with flirty skirts, strappy shoes, and trendy accessories for a date night athleisure outfit. Comfy, warm, and stylish – what’s not to love?

Shop4ties is a family-owned customized apparel company that has been providing custom scarves, ties, shirts, and more for over 37 years. Contact us to learn more about our custom performance shirts and how to create a unique, fashionable design for your company, group, or team to add to their athleisure wardrobe.

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