Key Takeaways from The Transparency Sales Workshop

When we heard that Todd Caponi would be speaking at an EO Chicago event in January, our sales team couldn't wait to attend! Todd is the founder of Sales Melon, a self-proclaimed nerd, and the author of the award-winning book, The Transparency Sale. We've always strived for transparency in all we do here at Candor Threads so we were excited to learn from Todd and up our transparency game! Read on to see our key takeaways from his workshop.

Candor Threads’ Favorite Holiday Recipes

It's the most wonderful time of the year and all of us at Candor Threads are looking forward to gathering with our family and friends for good conversation and fabulous food! Just like custom apparel, good recipes can connect people, evoke warm and fuzzy feelings, and serve as an anchor for creating lasting memories. Whether they came from family traditions or a quick internet search, here are some of our team's tried-and-true favorite recipes!

1% Philanthropy Pledge for Quarter 3 – Nailed It!

Here at Candor Threads, we're always finding ways to live up to our mission and core values. Philanthropy is one of our favorite methods of checking all the boxes.

The Military: Takeaways from the Miramar Air Show

We recently went to the MCAS Miramar Air Show in San Diego to have some fun with squadron members while checking out the show! We wanted to spend some time with the military to better understand their needs and how our shirts can help build morale in their organization. Read on to see the top 5 key takeaways from our adventure!

How We (and You) Ignite Powerful Connections in Business and Life

Everyone knows the value of connections. In fact, entire tech empires have been built around the concept. 

What Fabrics Are Tightly Woven?

Here at Candor Threads, we are experts in custom apparel design and production because it's what we love. But what we love even more is sharing our expertise with our customers - and really anyone who's just curious. Don’t ask us about the benefits of digital printing at a cocktail party unless you're ready for some real talk! (Spoiler: It’s easier on the environment.)

17 Morale Boosting Ideas for the Virtual Office

Welcome back to your virtual office! It's a new year, with a new outlook and new opportunities for kids and pets to photobomb important meetings. 

How Our Small Business Hires for Our Core Values – And How You Can Too

Our core values are simple: be constantly evolving, have fun and help out, make an impact, and consciously connect. And bringing them to life in the way we work is a defining characteristic of Candor Threads. That’s why, as a family-owned and design-based company that thrives on strong relationships with our customers and among our team, it’s essential to hire people who share our values. 

How Our Small Business is Thriving in 2020

Like many other businesses, we started 2020 planning for growth. We introduced customizable performance shirts to our line of products and had a major rebrand in the works. We were excited to branch out into new markets like the travel and hospitality industries. 

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