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Our Manufacturing Partnership: Delivering Quality Custom Apparel

The Beginning

Candor Threads offers high-quality custom Hawaiian shirts, ties, scarves, and other products in large part because of our long-term partnership with our manufacturer. It all began when Michael traveled to Chicago from his city near Shanghai over twenty years ago. Armed with determination and a yellow pages directory, he was seeking potential collaborators in the apparel industry. He found our company name, then Corporate Textiles, and reached out to our founder, Arnie. A year later, Michael returned to Chicago to personally meet Arnie and their working relationship began.  Little did they know that it would be a lasting relationship that would continue when Becky took over the company after Arnie’s passing.


The Present

Despite being in the fashion tie business for years, Michael welcomed Candor Threads as his sole partner for custom and logo apparel. This exclusivity developed out of mutual trust built over the years. As two small businesses working together, we understand the challenges and benefits of being independent, family-owned businesses. Michael’s commitment to his employees mirrors our own values, and some of them have worked for him for many years. Our CEO Becky has visited his factory multiple times and met his team. She has also been a guest at his home where his wife prepared delicious traditional Chinese meals. Read more about one of Becky’s visits to China in this blog post.

Becky and Michael have a very close relationship and try to help each other out in any way possible, supporting one another through business and personal needs. His daughter Wendy went to high school in the United States, and Becky helped them navigate touring schools in Chicago and finding a car and an apartment.


The Future

As Michael steps back to retire, the factory will stay in the family. His wife’s family member will be taking over daily operations while Michael looks forward to relaxing and swimming (his favorite sport!). Our relationship with Michael is built on business but also genuine connection and mutual respect from across the world. As Candor Threads looks towards the future, we’re filled with gratitude for the decades of partnership and friendship that have enriched our lives in ways we never thought possible. We’re so proud of the work they do for us. For more about how our custom Hawaiian shirts are made, check out this video!


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