Three Tips for Getting your Resume Noticed

Shop4ties is growing!  Exciting, right?  Growth leads to more great opportunities, but before we can tackle them, we need more people on board our team.  We’ve gone through a few rounds of hiring now and would like to give you some resume tips to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Read the Job Posting Carefully

This seems really obvious, we know.  After four rounds of hiring however, we’ve seen that 95% of people skip specific instructions we mention in the ad — ones that we include just to see if people read!  So even though it’s a given, make sure you’re taking the time to read the ad carefully.

Tailor Your Resume for the Job

You don’t need to start from scratch for every job posting, but taking a little time to customize your resume can go a long way.  Did the job posting mention specific skills you have? Make sure they’re listed clearly. Are they looking for relevant experience?  Showcase it!  You can even use some of the job posting’s specific language to highlight in your resume as well.

Introduce Yourself

If the job posting calls for a cover letter, you should certainly include one.  There’s a lot of great advice out there for crafting an outstanding cover letter.  However, even if the posting doesn’t ask for a cover letter, writing a few sentences is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and your best qualities.  This helps create a personal connection and will make your resume more memorable too.

Have some favorite resume tips of your own? Share in the comments!
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