Sports Team Customer Spotlight: San Diego Ducks Sled Hockey Team

This January we’re celebrating sports teams! We work with so many teams and love the way a logo can light up a piece of custom apparel. It’s always so fun to see how teams across the country represent themselves through their colors, mascots, and logos. Read on to hear all about the San Diego Ducks Sled Hockey team and their founder, Sarah Bettencourt.

The San Diego Ducks Sled Hockey team poses for a team picture on the ice.

What is Sled Hockey? 

Sarah Bettencourt, founder of the San Diego Ducks Sled Hockey team, contacted us last summer for custom Hawaiian shirts. At the time we weren’t familiar with sled hockey and we’ve learned so much about this awesome sport since working with her! Sled hockey (also known as sledge or Para ice hockey) is seated hockey for physically disabled players. All of the general ice hockey rules apply but they use different equipment to play the game. This equipment consists of specially designed sleds that sit atop two skate blades, and two 3′ sticks with metal picks on the end to propel the players across the rink. The San Diego Ducks are a part of a national program overseen by USA Hockey and an affiliate team for the Anaheim Ducks.

Sarah Bettencourt showing off the Ducks' custom Hawaiian shirt from Candor Threads!Getting to know Sarah Bettencourt…

Not only did we learn more about sled hockey, we got to know a whole lot more about Sarah as well! She’s a former Marine whose military career was cut short in 2011 after she developed a rare neurological condition. Upon receiving the news, she found solace by visiting an old sport. She had been a hockey player in high school and found sled hockey to be an amazing way for her to find passion and meaning. Sarah knew sled hockey could help others in similar situations but discovered there wasn’t an official team in the San Diego area.

So, what did she do? Sarah made a team! She contacted the Anaheim Ducks and told them she wanted to develop an affiliate team for persons with disabilities. Not only did she establish the team, they continue to grow and even have a youth team! Sarah’s story proves that sled hockey isn’t just a sport; it’s a way for people to take their lives back in an empowering and positive way. Sarah was once quoted saying “Sled hockey saved my life”. We’re so happy that sled hockey can positively impact other lives in the San Diego area because of her hard work.

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Candor Threads' Hawaiian shirt design for the San Diego Ducks Sled Hockey team.

To learn more on how you can support the Ducks, be sure to check out their donations page. There are so many fun ways to support the team. And if you’d like to see them in action, be sure to check out their game schedule!

Our design team used the Ducks mascot and team colors to develop their cool custom Hawaiian shirts! Candor Threads has been celebrating companies through custom apparel since 1982. Contact us today to see what kind of fun apparel we can develop for your group!

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