5 Takeaways from our trip to the Hula Bowl

Jennifer Logan, owner of the Hula Bowl, contacted us in mid August of 2022. She needed custom Hawaiian shirts for players and coaches to wear during their broadcasted Hula Bowl event on CBS Sports! Not only did we produce their fabulous shirts, but we scored tickets to see the players in action! Here are our top 5 takeaways from attending the Hula Bowl in Orlando, Florida on January 14th.

1. The Hula Bowl supports college athletes looking to make a good impression on scouts.

This year’s Hula Bowl included NCAA college football players from all divisions. The game gave athletes the opportunity to play in front of scouts from the NFL, XFL, USFL, and CFL leagues. By the end of the game, Team Kai claimed victory over Team Aina, 16-13. It was amazing to see these athletes show their talent on the field!

Hula Bowl athletes take the field!

Hula Bowl teams Kai and Aina taking the field.

2. We sat among legends!

We also attended the Hula Bowl Hall of Fame Banquet dinner on Thursday, January 12th. There, we had a delicious dinner while witnessing Hula Bowl greats, Bobby Bowden and Ron Simmons be inducted into the Hula Bowl Hall of Fame! Bowden coached the 1987, 1991, and 1997 Hula Bowls. He also had a rewarding 34-year career at Florida State where he won 389 games, 2 national championships, and took 21 Bowl wins! Simmons, who played in the 1981 Hula Bowl is a former Seminole and was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2008. Last but certainly not least, Dillan Gibbons, offensive lineman, was awarded the Joe Roth Award!

3. It gets pretty cold in Florida!

We planned on catching some rays during a good game, but it was quite chilly with a high of 50 degrees! That said, the game itself and the energy of the crowd warmed us right up and we had a blast during our visit. Thank goodness we’re Chicagoans… we’re used to attending Bears games in the cold!

A chilly day in Orlando, Florida, but the energy of the game kept us warm!

Keeping warm while enjoying the game!

4. You never know who you’ll meet!

While at the game, we had the pleasure of meeting the guys from Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Their foundation was established in honor of Stephen Siller; a hero firefighter who courageously died on September 11th while trying to save others. Tunnel to Towers was a sponsor of the 2023 Hula Bowl. They brought their 9/11 Never Forget Mobile Exhibit to the game. This 83-foot tractor trailer transforms into an 1,100 square foot exhibit full of 9/11 artifacts. It is toured by a member of the New York Fire Department who was there on 9/11. It was incredible to meet them and learn more about their foundation!

Candor Threads meets the folks from Tunnel to Towers Foundation

Becky and Sandra get to know the guys from Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

5. Our shirts are conversation starters!

With the official Hawaiian shirts of the Hula Bowl on our backs, we met a number of new friends! Our shirts allowed people to recognize us as a part of the game wherever we went. It was easy to meet new people and network while wearing a recognizable shirt. Your group can make new connections too while wearing fun custom apparel! We would love to celebrate your group and its accomplishments. Be sure to contact us @ hello@candorthreads.com and we can discuss your options!

Candor Threads CEO Becky Galvez with her husband Diego, Marketing Director- Sandra Schustack, and her husband, Rob. Sporting the official Hawaiian shirts of the 2023 Hula Bowl!

Becky and Sandra pose with their husbands in the official Hawaiian shirts of the 2023 Hula Bowl.

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