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Military Ambassador Program

At Candor Threads, we often work with active military personnel and military-centric companies. The common thread you ask? An affinity for custom Hawaiian shirts! Over the past couple of years, our involvement in military conferences has kept us engaged, inspired and led to meaningful dialogues and collaborative brainstorming sessions. These exchanges presented an opportunity—a chance to establish a program that would benefit both military spouses, the military, and our brand. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce the launch of our Military Spouse Ambassador Program!


Supporting Military Families  

The Military Spouse Ambassador Program aligns with our commitment to supporting our armed forces and their families. It’s designed to offer military spouses a flexible and rewarding opportunity to earn money while working on their terms.

How It Works

Participation in our program is simple and non-committal:

  • Share Our Products: Military spouses share our products within their networks, showcasing our custom Hawaiian shirts and other offerings.
  • Introduce Us: If there’s interest, a military spouse introduces us to potential clients or contacts via email.
  • Earn Commission: Should the introduction result in a sale, the military spouse earns a commission!

It’s that straightforward! This program empowers military spouses to leverage their networks, their unique skill set, earn additional income, and work flexibly around their unique schedules and commitments.


Join Us

If you’re a military spouse excited about this opportunity or know someone who might be interested, we’d love to have you on board! Please email us at to learn more and become a part of our Military Spouse Ambassador Program.

We’re excited to create avenues that not only celebrate the vibrant military community but also empower and support the incredible individuals who form a vital part of it. Join us in this fantastic initiative today!

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