A Hawaiian shirt for Fluffy

In our business, complete customization can certainly keep us on our toes!  After more than thirty years of creating custom accessories — just when we think we have seen it all — we get a project that not only makes us smile but gives us a chance to think outside of the box.

At the end of the year we were contacted by a representative of Channing Tatum’s New Orleans restaurant Saints and Sinners NOLA to create a custom shirt for his friend and big fan Gabriel Iglesias, better known as the comedian Fluffy.  They wanted a spicy Hawaiian shirt, which is a major part of Gabriel’s tour fashion, that incorporated the spirit of New Orleans and the brand of Saints & Sinners. 

Sometimes there is too much Fluffy for one shirt, but the rest of the design was a huge hit! They surprised Gabriel during the taping of his reality show and his reaction was priceless.  Even though we didn’t get to deliver our masterpiece to Channing and Gabriel in person, we were proud to be part of this experience and the obvious joy it brought to all involved.

If you have a unique idea for a shirt, tie, or scarf, our designers can make it a reality.  Contact us today to start creating your dream design! 

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