Dressing for a Yacht Club Party

Lucky you!  You have just received an invitation for your very first yacht club party.  For most people this brings up the question “What on earth do I wear?”.  Have no fear!  We work with many yacht clubs to make sure their members look sharp with custom ties and scarves.  Here are some of our style tips to help you navigate the waters of yacht club fashion and pull together an amazing outfit.

Yacht Club Wear – Do Nots

While yacht club attire can vary by club and time of day of the event, there are certain items that just won’t do.  You should always avoid the following:

  • Denim
  • Shorts
  • T-Shirts / Tank Tops
  • Flip flops
  • Sneakers
  • Revealing clothing (i.e. cut-off shirts, mini skirts, etc)
  • Wrinkled or otherwise “sloppy” attire

Also, while you may be tempted to don an ascot or jaunty captain’s hat … don’t.  For most people this will come across as cliche rather than sporty.  Classic styles, nautical colors and smart layers are the best way to go when building your dock-side ensemble.  You can also shop many of the clubs’ stores for shirts and ties embellished with the club logo.  

Yacht Club Wear – Dos

Hopefully, your invitation indicates the dress code.  But if it doesn’t, there are two general rules of thumb.  If the party is during the day, then select attire in the “country club casual” category.  If the party is in the evening, opt for traditional cocktail party wear.  

Country Club Casual for Men

A classic polo or Oxford shirt is the standard for men.  Shirts should be clean, in good condition and neatly pressed.  These should be worn with black slacks or khakis.  When it comes to shoes, loafers in brown or black are the most popular choice.  A less popular but also acceptable footwear option is a pair of leather boots in black or brown.  Some yacht clubs require blazers even for daytime events.  To be safe, check the attire requirements posted on the club’s website or call them prior to the event.

Country Club Casual for Women

Just like men, polo shirts paired with well-cut slacks are an acceptable option for women.  Women can also choose a tailored blouse worn with a knee-length cotton skirt for a slightly dressier look.  Another popular ensemble is a simple summer dress with minimal accessories.  A cashmere sweater is the perfect outer layer to protect from cool breezes.  Ballet flats are the top shoe choice when dressing country club casual.  

Cocktail Attire for Men

While not as formal as black-tie, cocktail wear is decidedly dressier than daytime apparel at a yacht club.  Dress slacks with a jacket and tie or a full suit are both appropriate options for an evening event.  Choose neutrals and subdued tones over bright colors or prints.  Men should accessorize with a black leather belt and matching shoes.  Stick with a loafer or Oxford style shoe and be sure your socks coordinate with your pants.  

Cocktail Attire for Women

Cocktail dresses should be knee-length or midi-length in a solid or very subtle print.  If you are having a tough time finding the right color, the quintessential “little black dress” is always a smart choice.  Another popular trend for evening events is a formal women’s pant suit.  When it comes to accessorizing, less is more.  Choose a single statement piece of jewelry rather than a multitude of pieces and opt for a clutch instead of a shoulder bag.  Heels, dressy sandals, and ballet flats are all acceptable shoe options.  

Whether your event is a casual Sunday brunch or a more formal evening affair, our quick tips will help you create the perfect yacht club outfit.  Contact us today to create your own custom yacht club wear!
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