Customer Spotlight: The Bullis School

We realized we have been working together with the Bullis School for the better part of a decade now, so we have interviewed Pam Bass, store manager of the Bullis School, for more insight into one of our long-time customers.

Tell us a bit about the Bullis School.

Bullis was founded in 1930 and is an independent, co-ed, college prep school for grades K-12.  We are located in Potomac, Maryland  and the enrollment is around 830 students.   Boys are required to wear the Bullis necktie as part of the winter dress code.

What is the student’s favorite part of school year?

Our students are assigned to be on a color team, blue or gold.  They love the friendly spirit competitions that are centered around the school colors and the monthly free dress “Blue/Gold Days”!

 What do you like best about working with this school?

I love the spirit of the school, interacting with the students and the friendly teachers and staff.  It’s fun to be part of the Bullis team.

Do many alumni send their children to Bullis, to continue the tradition?

Yes, we have many students whose parents attended Bullis.

Thanks so much for sharing with us!  We appreciate having your ongoing support.

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