Complete custom scarf options, part one: artwork

Creating custom scarves

Ready to make your custom scarves now that you’ve got your perfect custom ties all lined up?  Our scarves can be customized to suit your style just so.  You choose the design, size, material, and finishing touches!

First, dream up your design

Just like for creating ties, when you first contact us about scarves, we’ll ask for any logos, artwork, particular colors, or design suggestions to get your custom scarf artwork started. High-resolution files and Pantone colors are preferred, but our artists can work with ideas like “red and white stripes on a blue background”  If you are also ordering ties, we can make sure that your ties and scarves coordinate with matching patterns or colors, or we can create a whole new design from scratch.

Unlike ties however, we do need to specify the size of the scarf before we create the artwork.  Our two main sizes are a long scarf (standard size is 12″ x 54″) or a square scarf (standard size 36″ x 36″).  The sizes are customizable — we’ll discuss more in part two of custom scarf options.  Long scarves are more popular overall, though square scarves make an excellent choice, especially for yacht clubs. Our scarf pricing starts with the two main sizes, along with quantity and material; customized sizing scarves will be priced depending on how much extra fabric is used.

Here are some various scarf designs we have previously created. The majority of our scarves are now digitally printed to incorporate a wide range of colors and gradients (for example, recreating artwork).  This method is faster and more environmentally-friendly than screen printing, but does mean the dye doesn’t penetrate quite as thoroughly.  Read more about digital printing and scarf material options here! 

Scarf Artwork examples:

Coordinating Scarves and Ties

If you’re looking to create both ties and scarves, you can choose to have your tie and scarf designs match, coordinate, or be entirely different — it’s all up to you!

Here, August University’s Lumin Society created matching custom scarves and bow ties.  The pattern is the same size and color across both the pre-tied printed polyester bow ties and their long polyester scarf.  This helps ensure a consistent look, no matter the wearer.

If you’d like a bit more variety, we can also make coordinating, but not matching, designs. Johns Hopkins Radiology created their custom scarves and ties by using the same logo and colors, but featured in different ways.

Four Roses Bourbon also opted for coordinating scarves and ties, using a different background color for their silk scarves and self-tie bow ties.

Ally Bank chose to have two different designs for their ties and scarves, letting their colors and logo stand out as the unifying element.  Their square silk scarves are digitally printed to showcase a full range of colors and gradients.

Next steps!

Now that you’ve got a better idea of your design, it’s time to move to the next steps of choosing between silk, polyester, or other materials. Stay tuned for a comparison of these fabrics and sizes.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or want to receive your free samples, feel free to contact us any time!  We look forward to hearing from you.

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