Complete custom scarf options, part three: digital printing and fabric options

Hello Shoppers!  We’re here to give you an overview on our current scarf materials.

We’ve received many questions about digital printing on various scarf materials, so we want to give you a rundown of all of your options!  We’ve also greatly expanded our fabric selection, so we’ll cover those as well.
First: Digital printing is like an inkjet process, but for dye on fabric.  As of 2018, we use digital printing instead of screen printing for smaller (under 250+ pcs) orders. This means we can more efficiently print a wide range of colors and gradients, and digital printing is both faster and more environmentally friendly than screen printing. However, the dye doesn’t sink into the fabric quite as much as screen printing, particularly on some thicker fabrics.
Our standard scarf material is twill — both for silk and polyester — which is a smooth mid-weight material (also covered in custom scarves: part two).  Our silk twill is available in 12mm (standard), 14mm, and 16mm.
We also have satin and chiffon finishes for both silk and polyester, which are lighter weight fabrics that take dye well.  Satin has more shine and sleekness than twill (a bit difficult to photograph!), while chiffon is airy and see-through. We also have a polyester voile, which is a ‘veil’ weight of fabric — very smooth, soft, and flowing!
These silk and polyester materials are available for any order of 30 pieces and up.  However, for orders of 50 pieces or more, we also have other materials such as viscose, rayon, modal, and both silk and wool blends too!

Other custom scarf material options: modal, rayon, and viscose

Viscose, rayon, and modal are all variations on the same fabric type (rayon); all three are quite soft and lightweight, though with slight variations.  Rayon is a very smooth, tight weave; modal is a little looser; and viscose is the loosest (though still smooth) of the three.  These materials are priced a bit more than polyester, but are more affordable than silk.  They’re especially great options for extra-large scarves and for infinity scarves.

Silk blends options:

If you’re looking for a more affordable version with an upscale feel, look no farther than our silk blended fabrics!  We have a silk-wool blend, a silk-cotton blend, and a silk-modal blend.  The silk-modal blend is an incredibly soft and lightweight fabric with more open weave; it makes a wonderful large or infinity scarf.  Our silk-wool blend is a little heavier, but still very soft and smooth: this all natural fabric blend makes a wonderful all-season scarf.  The silk=cotton blend is a very tight weave and is very smooth with a hint of sheen.
These options are available for orders of 50 pieces or more.

Too many custom scarf fabrics to decide?

We realize describing fabrics through a screen is difficult at best, so if you’d like to feel for yourself, simply contact us for free swatches of any of the materials you see here!
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