Quality is Key: Secret Shopping the Competition

Over the past couple of years, we've noticed an influx of custom Hawaiian shirt companies. We were curious to know what was out there so we implemented a secret mission: order shirt samples from the competition to see if the quality of their shirts was an apples-to-apples comparison. Read on to see what we discovered and why we're the shiny apple you actually want for all of your custom apparel needs! Disclaimer: We're not here to sabotage the competition or talk smack. We just want to share our findings so you're better equipped to make a decision before pulling the custom shirt trigger. And because we're a group of super classy ladies (with a love for Jack Nicholson in Tim Burton's Batman), we will simply refer to these competitors as "Brand X".

If every day were Hawaiian Shirt Friday, would the world be a better place?

Hawaiian Shirt Friday: just a day at the end of the week when you can take some liberties with the workplace dress code? Or is it a day when barriers between people are broken, common ground is found, and authentic connections are made? 

7 Ways to Style a Scarf for Work, Life, and Brunch: Twilly Scarf Edition

If you don’t know all the ways to style a twilly scarf yet, you are seriously missing out.

Unique Promotional Apparel: How to Design Your Own Hawaiian Print Shirt

Whether you are a business looking to show appreciation to your customers, a group looking to bring your members together, or an organization looking to raise brand or cause awareness - custom Hawaiian print shirts are the way to go. 

The Who, What, and Why of Custom Bulk Face Masks

The idea of bulk face masks might make you think of a medical storage supply closet or even an over-prepared individual with a stockpile of toilet paper as well. But for savvy businesses and practical organizations, there is much more to buying bulk quantities of wholesale face masks. Customized bulk face masks are an opportunity. 

Order Your Back to School Face Masks Today!

For communities everywhere, planning for this school year has been a whole new endeavor. And one that looks different for each school. But whether your school will be welcoming students back online, in person, or a mixture of both, custom school face masks definitely belong on your school supplies list.

Complete custom scarf options, part three: digital printing and fabric options

Hello Shoppers!  We're here to give you an overview on our current scarf materials. (Check out our previous posts about creating scarf artwork and our two most popular materials, silk and polyester!) We've received many questions about digital printing on various scarf materials, so we want to give you a rundown of all of your options!  We've also greatly expanded our fabric selection, so we'll cover those as well. First: Digital printing is like an inkjet process, but for dye on fabric.  As of 2018, we use digital printing instead of screen printing for smaller (under 250+ pcs) orders. This means we can more efficiently print a wide range of colors and gradients, and digital printing is both faster and more environmentally friendly than screen printing. However, the dye doesn't sink into the fabric quite as much as screen printing, particularly on some thicker fabrics. [gallery columns="2" type="square" size="medium" ids="10462,10463,10464,10465"]

New: Custom Infinity Scarves!

Now by popular demand, we are offering custom Infinity Scarves Ready for infinite design possibilities, wearing style, and fabrics? So are we!

Complete custom scarf options, part two: materials

So you're making your custom scarves... ...and figured out your artwork, thanks to Scarf Options Part 1!  Now we can move on to the next step:

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