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Say goodbye to these 3 biggest custom apparel headaches

Do you want cool custom apparel for your group?

Now you can get it without any of the hassle!!! We heard you loud and clear…  At Candor Threads, we’ve whipped up the ultimate Preorder Platform with YOU in mind!

Say goodbye to the 3 biggest custom gear headaches

  1. Collection & Distribution: No more size-chasing and money-hustling! With our platform, ordering custom merch is as smooth as a well-greased water slide on a summer day! Your members simply order directly from our exclusive landing page – easy peasy!
  2. Budget Worries: No need to break the bank. We know how tough it can be to purchase everything upfront, so we made it pocket-friendly. Each member pays individually, saving your budget and sanity!
  3.  Inventory Fears: No more crossing your fingers and hoping it’ll sell. We handle production, so you get exactly what you need, when you need it – no extra stockpile required!

We’ve got your back! 

Our Preorder Platform means hassle-free merch made exclusively for YOUR group.  We use YOUR colors, YOUR logos, and YOUR design ideas to create gear that screams “WE ROCK!”

Here’s how it works

  1. We make the designs – totally awesome, of course!
  2. We create a custom landing page just for your group – yep, you’re VIPs!
  3. Your members order directly from the page – no more confusing spreadsheets!
  4. We produce and ship the gear straight to your door – easy-peasy-delivery!

Ready to gear up without the hassle?  

Preorder your exclusive merch now and let the fun begin. Learn more.

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