NAASCO member wearing one of our custom silk ties

The Power of a Tie: Celebrating the Impact of Small Details

I had an AWESOME experience during my time at the Sea Air Space conference this past April. While scanning the crowd of attendees, I spotted a familiar sight—a tie crafted by none other than us at Candor Threads. I couldn’t contain my excitement! Without hesitation, I approached the man wearing the tie, introduced myself, and eagerly inquired about his experience. To my delight, he confessed that it was his absolute favorite. He loved the design, the feel, and, above all, he eagerly anticipated acquiring this year’s edition. It turns out, he was just one of many conference-goers proudly donning our tie. Each person exuded the same level of enthusiasm, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the 2023 collection.


At that moment I felt a jolt of electricity run through my veins. Sounds extreme, right? Not at all. Seeing that tie out in the world, being worn by someone who loves it, is a testament to the quality of work and the impact it can have on others. It reminded me that even the smallest details hold the potential to make a significant difference, and that our work possesses the ability to bestow happiness and joy.

As humans, we are inherently inclined to help and yearn for a sense of purpose in our work. Investing countless hours, sometimes exceeding the confines of a typical work week, becomes worthwhile when we witness tangible results. Whether it be a software solution streamlining a company’s operations, a new product line soaring off the shelves, or a service that brightens a customer’s day, seeing our contributions take shape in the real world and create a meaningful impact is nothing short of exhilarating!

The satisfaction of assisting our clients in achieving their goals and propelling them to new heights grants us a sense of kinship. We become integral members of their team, actively shaping their lives for the better. Even in the creation of seemingly modest items such as a custom tie, we can make a significant difference. That’s why it’s so important to pause, acknowledge, and celebrate moments like these—moments where the value of our work becomes evident in the lives of others.

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We wish all of our readers a candorific day!


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