We’ll Donate $1 to Female Strong When You Post to #WomenWithCandor This March

It’s that time of year again. Let’s honor and celebrate the women in our lives! With one LinkedIn post, you can… Support Female Strong Join the celebration of National Women’s History Month. AND strengthen your relationships with the great women in your network. Here’s how you do it Post your favorite picture of yourself. One of your favorites, anyway. It’s okay if it’s not THE favorite. No explanation necessary. Tag three women in your network. And say a little something about what you admire about them – whatever words let them know they are great. Add the hashtag #WomenWithCandor. That’s it.  And that’s $1 Candor Threads will donate to Female Strong to support their mission. Your post can make an impact in the Female Strong’s work to empower girls to step into business and life. And your post gives you a chance to unapologetically brag on the amazing women you know.

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