Our long-term partnership with our manufacturer

Shop4ties offers high-quality ties, scarves, and other custom products in large part because of our long-term partnership with our manufacturer.  Seventeen years ago Arnie, Shop4ties’ founder and Becky’s father was contacted by Michael, who owns a textile factory overseas.  Michael had found “Corporate Textiles” in the phone book (remember those?) and as a result they worked together until Arnie’s passing.  

Now Becky continues this partnership as Shop4tie’s CEO and says the connection feels like family by now.  Shop4ties has always been a family-run business, so this personal connection is even more important.  This continued when Becky and Rhonda (our CFO and Becky’s mother) visited Michael in China in 2015.  They explored the city of Shengzhou and toured the ties manufacturing facility.   

The Ties Manufacturing Process

We are the only custom ties that the factory handles.  Our ties and scarves go through many detailed steps in manufacturing, from the fabric weaving and printing to cutting and sewing the ties.  Michael is proud of his workers, many of whom have been there for several years.  Their expertise in creating wearable goods shines through.  

This week Michael is here in Chicago on his twice-annual visit.  We are lucky to welcome him at the Shop4Ties office and we hope to continue this relationship with Michael for many years to come!  

Michael in the Shop4ties office with Becky and Rhonda

Michael in the Shop4ties office with Becky and Rhonda

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