Order Your Back to School Face Masks Today!

For communities everywhere, planning for this school year has been a whole new endeavor. And one that looks different for each school. But whether your school will be welcoming students back online, in person, or a mixture of both, custom school face masks definitely belong on your school supplies list.

So to make things a little easier for our teachers and school administrators who already have their hands full, here is a look at the benefits of ordering custom school masks and how to get started.

School face masks can be a canvas for school pride

As we carefully come back together this fall, safely rebuilding our school community is more important than ever. Beyond the ways using face coverings supports the health and safety of your school, custom school masks can help bring your community together. Sporting masks with your colors or mascot is a great way for students and staff to show support for your school. 

And if you want to engage your students in this project, you can hold a design contest like Candor Threads Masks for Change. Invite your students to submit their ideas for your custom school masks to a committee of staff and students that will choose the design that best represents your school. Once you select a winner, the finished product can be used every day by students and staff, as well as provide a creative fundraising item that engages the wider community.

Masks on-hand anticipates the inevitable

Kids (and adults) lose or forget everyday items all the time. But unlike forgetting their homework at home, for most schools, students will not be able to join their classroom until they have their face masks. Having a stock of back-up masks takes a little pressure off everyone and is a small thing that makes students and staff feel taken care of.

We don’t yet know when we can put our masks away

This year, schools have had to acknowledge and plan around a lot of uncertainty. But for now, and for the foreseeable future, school face masks are a part of the new normal. 

By designing and offering face masks students want to wear, schools can help normalize a new and necessary part of being around others. Instead of relying on stopgap measures, your school can take a stand for habits that prioritize the health of others while providing the custom school masks to do it. 

How to get started ordering your custom school masks

example of custom school masks red D114 school

First, you’ll want to determine the type of school face masks that meets your needs. The main things to consider to help you align with CDC recommendations are: 

  • Fit: Masks should be the correct size for the wearer’s face, covering the nose and mouth and laying flush against the skin.
  • Fabric: Masks should be both comfortable to wear and sufficient for the task at hand, which is containing respiratory droplets. Double-layered, tightly-woven cotton is a breathable, natural fabric option that does the job and is machine washable. 
  • Ties or Loops: Masks can be held in place with ties or loops, though elastic ear loops tend to require less adjusting. This is ideal when masks are worn for longer durations. 

Once these elements are decided, you are ready to give your order to a custom school mask vendor like Candor Threads. We have made the ordering process simple:

example of custom school masks Prospect

  1. Select the sizes and quantities you need. Our masks are available in Toddler, Kids, Adult, and Adult XL sizes. 
  2. Select any additional options for your order, like nose wires, adjustable ear loops, or an added pocket for inserting your own mask filter. 
  3. Work with our designers to create and finalize a great custom design.
  4. Sit back and let us take it from here. Your masks will arrive in 3-4 weeks!

Candor Threads is a family-owned custom apparel company that has been providing ties, scarves, shirts, and more for over 37 years. Visit our website to learn more about our custom school masks or contact us to get your order started today!

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