Unique Promotional Apparel: How to Design Your Own Hawaiian Print Shirt

Whether you are a business looking to show appreciation to your customers, a group looking to bring your members together, or an organization looking to raise brand or cause awareness – custom Hawaiian print shirts are the way to go. 

Forget about promo items that your customers will soon forget about. Instead, give them something they will use and value. Hawaiian print shirts with a custom design have become more and more popular over the years, with many different groups sporting this unique apparel option. Marines do it, Princeton alums do it, enterprise companies do it, breweries do it, even dentists do it.

But how did these aloha shirts (as they were first christened in their native Hawaii) become popular on the mainland and join the custom apparel rotation? It all goes back to the 1930s when well-to-do tourists brought the new trend back from their luxurious island vacations. These bright, breezy, floral shirts evoked a carefree, picturesque lifestyle that struck a chord in the lean years after World War I and made them a must-have. In the decades following, service members stationed in Hawaii returned to the mainland with their suitcases full of them, further spreading their popularity. 

From there, the enduring success of the Hawaiian print shirt was written in the stars. From Elvis to Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias to Pete from Sales who wears one every Casual Friday, these classic shirts have a devoted following that grows with every luau-themed gathering. And that’s why, in 2011, Candor Threads introduced the custom Hawaiian shirt into our apparel lineup. 

Candor Threads custom Hawaiian print shirt customers

Candor Threads customers in their custom Hawaiian shirts. Top left: 66th Rescue Helicopter Squadron; Top right: Amazon SMF1; Bottom left: Chris Herman’s Epic Weekend; Bottom right: Jones Beach Lifeguard Corp

How to design the perfect Hawaiian print shirt for your group

Designing your totally custom Hawaiian shirts comes with more than a few creative choices. And when you work with a custom apparel company like Candor Threads, we partner with you each step so you end up with a unique design you love.

1. Dream your design

With Candor Threads, you will work with one of our expert consultants to take your ideas, colors, logo, and graphics and weave them into the traditional elements of Hawaiian print shirts. Ours is an iterative process, so after you’ve shared your design ideas and files, we will create a few options to start with. From there we’ll work with you to hone the design direction until it is just right. Between their artful execution and keen listening skills, our designers usually only need to create a couple of rounds of artwork before our clients say they nailed it.

2. Select the right fit

In addition to creating your design, you also have a few options in the sizing and cut of your Hawaiian print shirts. Whether you want a vintage-inspired style with a mandarin collar and cap sleeves or the traditional, more loose fit perfect for both men and women, we have you covered. And in each custom Hawaiian shirt style, there is a range of sizes to meet your needs. Even kids can get in on the action!

3. Choose your fabric and add-ons

Choose from cotton, polyester, rayon, or silk for your shirts. And if you’re not sure which is best, you can always ask your consultant which fabric will make your design really pop. From there, you are ready for the final elements, like opting for wooden or fabric-covered buttons or adding pockets. You can even order matching bandanas, shorts, or face masks. Whatever you decide, the folks you choose to share your custom Hawaiian print shirts with are sure to be impressed!

Candor Threads is a family-owned custom apparel company that has been providing ties, scarves, shirts, and more for over 38 years. Visit our website to learn more about our custom Hawaiian print shirts and to get your order started today!

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