Customer Spotlight: Deschutes Brewery

We’ve been honored to work with Deschutes Brewery to make custom Hawaiian shirts for their employees and customers.  They’ve got a great design with a few reorders already, so we know there’s lots of enthusiasm for this brand — and we wanted to know more!

We’d love to know a bit about the behind-the-scenes there.  Is there a ‘typical day’ in working in a brewery?  

I would love to say there is a typical day but I just don’t think that is true here! Depending on your position within the brewery, you are either working at your computer, running to meetings, or brewing damn tasty beer. But one thing we always strive to do, in every facet of our day to day is cultivate extraordinary experiences for our fans!

Deschutes Brewery Hawaiian shirt

I know Deschutes is active in the local community in Portland.  Do you have any favorite events to participate in?

Not only in Portland but Bend as well. Truly, all of Oregon/the Pacific Northwest is our home. Some of our favorite events in the area ranges from any of the beer fests throughout the year to the multiple biking and running events we sponsor.

We’ve noticed you’ve gone through lots of shirts so far this year — you must have many enthusiastic customers! Do you have any advice for inspiring such customer loyalty?  

A lot of the time our beer speaks for itself and over the past 29 years has created forever fans. We strive to always put out the best tasting, most consistently damn tasty beer in the craft market; this — along with our killer team that has such a passion and ownership over every aspect of their job — really shows through to our customer and creates those lifelong fans. Also, with this shirt specifically, the pattern and fabric combinations are just awesome! How could you not want one of these bad boys?!  (Psst, you can purchase one here!)

Also, congratulations on your Roanoke expansion.  It’s a great little town!  

Thank you! We love Roanoke as well and can’t wait to be even more a part of that enthusiastic community!

Photo by Gina Schauland, Social Media Manager, Deschutes Brewery

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Denise Smith & Deschutes Brewery!

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