Complete custom scarf options, part two: materials

So you’re making your custom scarves…

…and figured out your artwork, thanks to Scarf Options Part 1!  Now we can move on to the next step:

Time to choose your material! Silk or polyester?

Just like our ties, with our scarves you have the option between silk and polyester.  Both silk and polyester have a 30 piece minimum, but if you’re looking for 50+ pieces, we also have a variety of materials such as viscose, rayon, wool and silk blends, etc.  that will be discussed in Scarf options: part 3.  We’ve covering silk and polyester here, as the majority of our customers pick one of these two materials for their scarves.

Silk scarves remain a premium option, for good reason: a silk scarf is quite luxurious and perfect for all-year-round wear.  “Silky smooth” is an accurate description!  Our custom silk scarves make a great option for company gifts, artisan scarves, and for classic club wear. We offer several weights of silk: a medium weight twill, a medium weight satin, a heavier twill, a lightweight chiffon, and a silk crepe de chine. However, silk is a more expensive material, especially for oversized scarves. Also, note that that silk scarves do wrinkle a bit more easily.

Polyester scarves are the material of choice for affordability and durability.  Polyester is great for a wrinkle-free finish and when the ease of wash-and-wear is needed.  Polyester scarves are also the same price for both long and square scarves, and are great for repeated-wear situations like airline and school uniforms.  Like silk, we have a few options for polyester fabrics: a mediumweight polyester twill, a mediumweight polyester satin, and a lightweight polyester chiffon.

Custom sizing options

We discussed this a bit in the first section, because we have to choose between our standard sizes to start the artwork: long (12″ x 54″) or square (36″ x 36″) sizes.  However, we can make a wide custom range of sizes to fit your needs, up to an 18″ wide by 70″ long scarf, or a 40″ x 40″ square scarf.  We can also make these long scarf sizes into an infinity scarf, where the ends are connected to make a loop for a fashionable look.

Our own Shop4ties scarf was created at an extra-long and extra-wide 18″ x 70″ size to make it extra luxurious!

We also make much smaller scarves, if that’s what you need — a smaller square scarf is particularly popular among transportation companies and airlines to knot more easily with their uniform.  We can even go all the way down to pocket square sizing, commonly 11″ or 14″ square.  Larger scarf pricing is based on the extra percentage of fabric used; we can provide custom quotes for significantly smaller scarves/pocket squares as well.

Camby Hotel silk 13″ pocket square with Seacoast Commerce Bank pre-tied bow tie

Feeling inspired with all these options?

Contact us today to start customizing your own!

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