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If you have a special event, a reunion or perhaps you’re a designer looking to sell your designs but can’t commit a minimum order. We have the perfect solution: a preorder campaign! We have the platform and will provide the design. Once you have the minimum requirements, we will head into production and get your order made.

Example: Ocean Bay 20th Reunion

Let’s celebrate our 20th reunion in style! This 100% custom Hawaiian shirt features our ‘fancy flags,’ club logo and a traditional Hawaiian print. They come in men’s and women’s sizes XS-5XL. Can’t wait to be back on the boat sporting our new duds. See you on the bay!

Made from 100% Rayon

Pre Order End Date: November

Estimated Delivery Date: January


More information

About Your Preorder

Limited Time & Availability

Products offered in these campaigns are available preorder only.  Once a preorder campaign is closed, that’s it: we only produce what your group purchases to reduce waste. It’s better for the environment!

Minimum Order Quantity

Hawaiian shirts have a 30 piece minimum order. Your group must meet the Minimum Order Quantity for the preorder campaign to move into production.

In case you do not meet your minimum order requirement of 30 pieces, your order will be cancelled and your card will not be charged.

Turnaround time

Once the preorder closes, you’ll receive your order within 6-8 weeks.

Email updates

Please make sure your email is correct, as you’ll receive notices for the preorder campaign approval or cancellation, shipment dates, and more!

Ordering information

Your payment will be charged once the preorder is closed, as long as the minimum order quantity is met.  Orders generally ship 6-8 weeks after preorder closes.

Please note that due to the complexity of the preorder checkout process, an order may contain only one preorder product, and no other products, preorder or otherwise.

If you wish to purchase a different preorder item, such as another size or color, you will need to make a separate purchase.

Sizing charts

sizing char for men's Hawaiian shirts

sizing chart for women's Hawaiian shirts

Fabric care instructions


  • Hand wash cold
  • Air dry or tumble dry low 
  • Iron on very low setting to remove wrinkles, or steam out wrinkles 
  • No bleach