7 Ways to Get Your Fancy Mask On This Holiday Season

So it’s the holiday season and you’re wondering how you can spread some socially distant cheer… Why not try getting your fancy mask on? 

Aside from the pleasure of giving to others, one of the hallmarks of this time of year is indulging our senses. Think bright lights, sweet treats, and the sensory explosion that is the cozy Christmas sweater. 

Well, this year is a little different, but you can still share in the joy of the visual and tactile indulgence of a fancy face mask. While we all do our part to keep our communities safe this holiday season, try on a few of these festive and creative mask ideas and deck yourself out. 

Remember the Golden Rules

But first, lest we forget to cover our bases as we cover our faces, be sure to mind the fundamentals of face coverings

  1. Cover your nose and mouth. Your mask can only do its job if you let it. If you breathe out of it, make sure you have it covered!
  2. Ensure a snug and secure fit. Face masks should be the right size for your face so they fit flush against your skin and cup your chin. 
  3. Go for tight-knit but breathable fabric. The fabric of your face mask should have the textured and tightly woven threads that snag those respiratory droplets while also letting you breathe easily.

Beyond these basics, let your innate style and creativity guide you and get your fancy mask on!

Decadent embroidery

Like the icing on a delicately decorated sugar cookie, embroidery can turn something plain into a fancy face mask delight. And if you’re handy with a needle and thread, you can do this one yourself! Upgrade a standard cotton face mask with embroidered snowflakes, an understated pattern around the edges, or a floral design like the mask below.

fancy mask with floral embroidery

Fancy mask from Yumiko Higuchi

Luxe fabrics

Imagine the feel of smooth silk or soft cashmere against your cheek – now imagine enjoying that sensation all day long. And these luxurious fabrics look as good as they feel. Or you can elevate your face mask style with lustrous satin or sophisticated tweed. Just keep in mind Rule #3 when choosing your fabric.

A touch of lace 

Lace adds a simple and elegant touch to any face mask. And there are as many ways to use it as there are lace types! Use it as a gossamer top layer, sew on smaller snippets of detailed lace designs, or use it as trim, like this Ruth Bader-Ginsburg inspired fancy mask idea.

Fancy mask with RGB lace trim

RGB-inspired fancy mask from Creative Green Living

Keep it classic

Sometimes the most sophisticated option is also the most minimalist. Just ask those effortlessly fashionable Scandinavians: less is more. So you can simply stick to the classics this holiday season with a solid-color mask made from quality fabric that looks like it was tailor-made to fit your lovely face. Think black, navy, shades of grey, or soft neutral tones. 

Add lavish extras

What is the pinnacle of fancy mask style? Accessorizing, of course. And there is a growing selection of fashionable, dazzling, and dramatic face mask accessories to add to your holiday shopping list. Whether it’s flowing mask ties made from silky fabric and ribbons or bejeweled adornments draped across its surface, dress up your mask with these add-ons and you’ll be the belle of the socially-distant ball. 

Bejeweled fancy mask

Fancy mask from Society19

Seasonal patterns

Nothing evokes a Dickensian holiday scene of snow-covered streets and well-bundled carolers like a colorful tartan plaid or a richly-hued herringbone pattern. And a face mask made of these seasonal prints can’t help but say, bring us some figgy pudding! So if that sounds appetizing – or you are simply a fan of these traditional patterns – you can’t go wrong with this fancy mask style for the holidays. 

Candor Threads is a family-owned custom apparel company that has been providing ties, scarves, shirts, masks, and more for over 38 years. If you are looking for individual, ready-to-ship fabric face masks for this holiday season, place your order today!

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