Quality is Key: Secret Shopping the Competition

Over the past couple of years, we’ve noticed an influx of custom Hawaiian shirt companies. We were curious to know what was out there so we implemented a secret mission: order shirt samples from the competition to see if the quality of their shirts was an apples-to-apples comparison. Read on to see what we discovered and why we’re the shiny apple you actually want for all of your custom apparel needs! Disclaimer: We’re not here to sabotage the competition or talk smack. We just want to share our findings so you’re better equipped to make a decision before pulling the custom shirt trigger. And because we’re a group of super classy ladies (with a love for Jack Nicholson in Tim Burton’s Batman), we will simply refer to these competitors as “Brand X“.

Brand X1:

We sent our first competitor some artwork that we used for a client of ours. In the photo below you will see the digital artwork to the left, our printed shirt is found in the middle, and Brand X1’s shirt can be seen on the right.

  1. Brand X1’s shirt is a much darker shade of green compared to the original artwork. Candor Threads shares your important Pantone color codes with our manufacturer to ensure your custom shirts will match your organization’s colors.
  2. We use thread that will blend in with the colors of your shirt so those white seam lines aren’t quite so obvious.
  3. Brand X1 doesn’t include a custom woven label. When you order shirts from Candor Threads, you bet your bottom dollar your order will include a custom woven label! We want to celebrate your organization and create shirts that also serve as memories. By including a custom woven label, you’re able to include your logo, mark a moment, or thank a special someone. The possibilities are endless!
  4. The print quality is fuzzy on the Brand X1 shirt. You can see more detail pertaining to the print quality below. With Candor Threads, we make sure all of the details, big and small, are represented with crisp imagery.

Brand X2:

We contacted Brand X2 and provided them with a piece of high-resolution example artwork we created for our yacht club customers. Our artwork can be seen on the left below and Brand X2’s shirt is shown on the right.

  1. The background color is off compared to the artwork. This has yielded not only a darker shirt than what was requested, but this darker color also mutes the palms from the background details so only the darkest trees appear on the final product.
  2. The print quality is blurred. We can’t read the information in our faux logo or see the detailed stripes of our faux burgees.
  3. The small flowers are so fuzzy that they look more like starfish.
  4. That pesky white thread is really showing through which deviates the eye from the actual shirt design.
Brand X3:

Below, on the left, you’ll see a high-resolution faux design we created as a sample mock-up for our non-profit customers. To the right, you can see what Brand X3 provided.

  1. The minty green color we used for the firefly and some of the flowers printed blue rather than green!
  2. The background images are blurred and don’t match the original artwork.
  3. Most importantly, Brand X3 changed the logo! Their printed shirt includes large spaces and “for education research” is illegible. At Candor Threads, we understand the importance of a good logo. Making sure your logo prints well is a top priority for us.
  4. You’ll also notice the puckered sewing along all of the seam lines in the image below.
  5. Lastly, there’s no custom woven label. Instead, Brand X3 used its own logo for the label (blacked out for the sake of classiness).

Firefly shirt from Brand X3

Brand X4: 

Last but not least, we sent a design used for one of our customers to Brand X4. This design was a real doozy with strategic position printing and tone-on-tone background colors. We were curious to see what Brand X4 could provide. Below, you will see the artwork at the top of the image, followed by our shirt on the left and Brand X4’s on the right.

  1. The printed shirt by Brand X4 (on the right) is such a deep blue that the tone-on-tone background isn’t visible. Candor Threads used Pantone color codes to ensure our manufacturer would be able to match the colors provided on the artwork.
  2. The position printing doesn’t match the artwork. You can see that the tropical leaf details designed for the collar are not present on the lefthand side of the righthand image. The collar on Candor’s shirt is a spitting image of the artwork provided.
  3. More pesky white thread was used and is highly apparent against the dark blue background.
  4. No custom label was provided.

Well, there ya have it! These are only a few examples of what we saw upon completing Operation Aloha Contender. When you choose Candor Threads as your custom apparel partner, you can expect the following:

  1. Quality: From the imagery we use to the final product, we ensure that the highest quality materials and resources are being utilized. All of this equates to quality custom apparel you’ll want to wear for many years to come.
  2. Accuracy: Our customer care team is comprised of the nicest and most particular people on all sides of the Mississippi! They will make sure even the smallest of details are being tended to. If you have a detailed logo or require position printing, our team will make your vision a reality.
  3. Options: While most of our competitors offer one material and button option, we provide choices! That’s right, when it comes to fabric, rather than settling for a poly-blend, you can choose from cotton, rayon, polyester, and even silk! We also offer a variety of button options to take your custom shirts to the next level.
  4. Staying Power: Candor Threads has been slinging custom apparel since 1982! That’s 40 years of experience and love for the custom-swag game.
  5. Celebration: We care deeply about what we do and the people we serve. We also care about celebrating all of the things – big and small. When you contact Candor Threads, you’ll talk to real, down-to-earth folks who want to celebrate your team. Because let’s face it, there’s always a reason to celebrate something in this big crazy world of ours.

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