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How New Mexico State University Created a Buzz with Custom Hawaiian Shirts

At New Mexico State University (NMSU), there’s a longstanding tradition that every Friday is celebrated as “Crimson Friday.” The campus is awash with the school’s signature color as students, faculty, and staff proudly wear crimson attire to show their school spirit.

But NMSU wanted to add a fun new twist to this tradition. And why not? They decided to combine the spirit of Crimson Friday with the laid-back vibe of “Aloha Friday.”  The idea? A custom Hawaiian shirt, emblazoned with school colors and symbols.

NMSU approached us with their idea; however, they did not want to invest in inventory upfront. Instead, they asked us to host a preorder for the shirts. This would ensure that they only produced the number of shirts that were ordered. So, we got to work!

We started with the design process. We wanted the shirts to be a perfect blend of Hawaiian aesthetics and NMSU branding. Once the designs were finalized, we built a landing page for the preorder. This would serve as a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in ordering the Hawaiian shirt. NMSU sent out the link to their community, and the response was overwhelming. The orders started rolling in.

Initially, NMSU thought they would sell around 30 shirts. They exceeded all expectations and sold a staggering 246 shirts in just two weeks! The excitement was palpable. There was so much buzz around the shirts that alumni from all over the country placed orders. The preorder period ended, but requests for the shirts kept pouring in. The success was unprecedented.

When the shirts finally arrived, they were an instant hit. The vibrant design, combined with the school pride that it symbolized, made it a must-have item. The feedback from the NMSU community was overwhelmingly positive. NMSU commented, “We created so much FOMO it seems everyone wants to buy one!” They added, “We are getting emails and calls left and right for the shirt. We will definitely be re-ordering shirts if you’ll have us again!”

This venture was not just about creating a custom Hawaiian shirt. It was about fostering school spirit, engaging the community, and creating a buzz. The success of this project reinforced the power of community engagement and innovative ideas. Whether you’re a part of the NMSU community or not, there’s no denying the allure of a crimson Hawaiian shirt on a Friday. Or as we like to call it, “Aloha Crimson Friday.” Go NMSU!

See the NMSU preorder spotlight video here.

NMSU Preorder Video

For more information on preorders and custom Hawaiian shirts, please reach out to or check out our Preorders page!


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