Customer Spotlight: Through Jimmy’s Eyes, part two.

Last November, our CEO Becky met up with one of our long-time customers Peg Reagan of Through Jimmy’s Eyes.  Then we learned more about the history of our partnership with them to bring artist Jimmy Reagan’s work to a broader audience.  Today we wanted to follow up and find out more about the artist himself and his latest exhibition.  As Jimmy was diagnosed with complex autism and has limited lingual communication, we asked his artist representative and mother Peg Reagan for more about this incredible painter.
When did Jimmy start painting?  Was there a particular start to his artistic journey?  
Jimmy started creating art in January of 2009 after being taken out of school due to significant illness.  He was too ill to be in a classroom setting.  Artwork was used as as a non-verbal method to teach mainstream subjects.  We were able to get a handle on his medical issues and he began drawing with just a pencil and paper from National Geographic in January of 2009. His drawings were very unique. This was the beginning of his journey. His first painting wasn’t until 2012.
This is pastel van Gogh … the first thing I framed.
Has his style always been full of bold colors, or has it evolved in a certain way?
I’d say that his work certainly started with color but not in the bold way that it has evolved into. His early images with oil pastels were full of colorful Tick marks like in his logo. The color has evolved after seeing his first van Gogh and midcentury works of Miro, Picasso and Hockney.
Do you have a favorite exhibition that Through Jimmy’s Eyes has participated in?  
His current exhibition, Conversations with Jimmy at the United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities,is really terrific: 75 pieces in the show which runs through November 30th. The feel of the show is fabulous. We also had a wonderful experience at ArtExpo Milano. EXPO Chicago was a huge learning experience for us and an enormous leap from an art stand point. All exhibitions have been very positive.
See a short video that the United Theological Seminary produced about Jimmy’s exhibition here:

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