What is Galentine’s Day anyway? 

Celebrated on February 13th, Galentine’s Day is easily the best unofficial holiday that commemorates an important treasure: female friendship. The fearless fictional leader Leslie Knope of television’s Parks and Recreation pioneered this day of celebration and it struck a chord with fans, reverberating into real life to become a real fake holiday.  

But what do you get your best gal pals for Galentine’s Day? Since this is a relatively new holiday that doesn’t have a gift-giving guide (yet), you have a lot of leeway. For example, custom Hawaiian shirts are not off the table.  

However, we believe that custom scarves are the best way to go. Read on to learn the why and how of this unique gift idea.   

Why custom scarves are the best gifts 

Scarf-wearers the world over will tell you that a beautiful scarf is a stylish, practical, and personal gift that they will wear for years. And if that isn’t a perfect symbol of your friendship with your best ladies, what is? Certainly Custom scarves are a timeless accessory you and your group can wear together through thick and thin. 

How to design a custom scarf your friends can’t wait to wear 

There are three easy parts to custom scarf design: the style and dimensions, the fabric, and the personalized design on the scarf.   

First, let’s review some popular scarf styles: 

  • Long scarf – Typically 12 inches by 54 inches, this style gives you plenty of real estate for a unique custom design.  
  • Square scarf – Great for warmer weather and riding in convertibles like Thelma and Louise.  
  • Infinity scarf – Just like your best friend, custom infinity scarves are cozy, reliable, and make for a warm buffer against the elements. 
  • Twilly scarf – Sleek and versatile, the twilly scarf can be tied at your neck, wrapped around your head, or used as a textile accessory for your wrist, ponytail, or purse.  


Next, select a fabric. 

Some scarf styles lend themselves to certain fabrics, and some friends are allergic to wool. Fabric selection is important. Here are some questions to consider when you choose yours: 

  • Will it be an everyday accessory put through the daily grind or reserved for special occasions? 
  • What level of maintenance can your lady friends easily manage? As in, can they toss your gift in the laundry or will the fabric require special care? How much will the latter annoy them? 
  • Does the style of scarf you chose look and feel amazing in a certain fabric, such as twilly scarfs that are magical when made of silk? 


custom scarves in different patterns

Finally, the best part: create a beautiful design 

There are a lot of ways to capture and commemorate the spirit of your friendship in a custom scarf design. Think of your friends’ go-to clothing colors, patterns that complement their fashion sense, or even inside jokes that you can sneak into your design.  

And if you have the ideas but not artistic skills, partner with a custom scarf designer and supplier who can. Let them help you brainstorm and sketch several drafts until you have your design just right.  

What to look for in a custom scarf supplier 

Finding a good custom scarf designer and supplier is all about finding a good match for your needs. Be sure to ask about:  

  • Their minimum scarf quantity for an order  
  • The turnaround time from commission to delivery 
  • Their process for creating and revising drafts of your design 
  • Their customer service and support at every step  

After all, if this Galentine’s Day gift is a success, you may have found a partner in gift-giving for many other made-up holidays to come! 


Shop4ties is a family-run custom apparel company that has been providing custom scarves, ties, shirts, and more for over 37 years. We create personalized apparel for everyone from yacht clubs to universities to your book club. Contact us to learn more about how we can make your Galentine’s Day custom scarves a gift your friends won’t forget.