When is it time to think about ordering custom yacht attire for your club’s Opening Day?

In short, soon – if not right after you read this. February and March are the best months for to start your club’s customized yacht apparel for the summer boating season. Without getting into the terrestrial metaphor of early birds and worms, you can bank on this: quality custom-designed apparel takes a little bit of time. But it is well worth the advanced planning!

How much time? And what types of customized apparel can I choose from? Read on to learn all about your options and what it takes to get them ready for you and your club members on Opening Day.

But first, a little background information for the uninitiated…

What is Opening Day all about?

Known for their traditions, yacht clubs tend to have several. The tradition of the Opening Day celebration heralds the start of the summer boating season. In the past, cannons were shot over the water to break the ice and bagpipes were played. Today, you may still hear cannons and bagpipes, and you are very likely to enjoy a boat parade and a good party. Even yacht clubs in warmer climates that never really have a “closing day” will get down with Opening Day festivities. The date of the celebration varies from club to club, usually ranging from late March through May.

Why should I start my order now?

No matter when your yacht club hosts its Opening Day event, now is a great time to start envisioning your customized apparel options for the summer. To create a quality finished product and fully realize your unique design, plan on 6 to 10 weeks before you receive your order. Here is what that looks like:

● The first step is collaborating with our designers to create and finalize your artwork. This can take one week or more, depending on how many revisions you require.

● If you’d like a sample of your order before moving forward, anticipate an additional two or three weeks.

● Finally, the actual production process and shipping time takes about 5 to 6 weeks.

What customized apparel options are there?

From classic ties and scarves to more modern custom Dri Fit shirts, Shop4ties can help you offer your members truly exceptional branded yacht attire.

Custom ties:

Woven or printed, neckties or custom bow ties – emblazon this yacht club dress code necessity with your burgee and get creative with some fetching tie knots once they arrive.

Custom scarves:

Share your club’s colors and emblem on a variety of scarf styles: thicker long scarfs for those locales where spring is slow to warm up, or breezy silk scarves for those lucky to live where the summer is year-round.

Custom Shirts:

For the clubs looking get creative with their branded apparel, consider ordering a batch of shirts. Add your yacht club’s burgee into the laid-back print of a Hawaiian shirt. You could even pair performance and style with custom Dri Fit shirts that are perfect for active days on the boat.


Ready to get started on your custom order?

Shop4ties is a family-run custom apparel company that has been providing ties, scarves, shirts, and more for over 37 years. Contact us to create the perfect set of customized yacht apparel options for your members to celebrate Opening Day.