At Candor Threads, we all look forward to the creative and creepy holiday that is Halloween – which is why we are excited to share our new Halloween-themed face mask set. But we aren’t the only ones getting crafty to preserve the spirit of this year’s festivities. Oh no. Like Dr. Frankenstein, folks all over the US are mashing together fun traditions, CDC recommendations, and community ingenuity to bring to life a whole new creation! Halloween 2020 may not look exactly like it used to, but with these 8 ideas for making it safe and spooky, we think it’ll do the trick. 


Family Halloween Face Mask Set

Candor Threads Family Face Mask Set

1. Get a festive face mask set

Masks are a key part of Halloween, but this year they are a bit different. With all the people out and about, it’s a good idea to wear a cloth face mask for community safety. But, it is not advised to wear a cloth mask under a costume mask. So what do you do? Get yourself a set of punny Halloween face masks for the whole family. Easy win for Momsters and Dadculas everywhere. 

2. Make your own mask creation

Part of the fun (and sometimes the last-minute frenzy) of Halloween is making a great costume. This year, start with a simple cloth face mask and create from there! Use a fabric marker or puff paint to draw vampire fangs or create a ghoulish zombie mask with peeling, flesh-colored rubber cement. It’ll be a craft project everyone can participate in!

3. Rig up a candy zip line

How do you combine social distancing with trick-or-treating? A candy zip line of course. Since lots of little hands reaching into communal candy buckets is a no-no this year, folks are getting creative with their candy delivery. Individual goodie bags for each kiddo are a good idea, and zip-lining them from your porch to the sidewalk makes that idea even better. Of course, be sure to let trick-or-treating parents know you washed your hands before preparing the goodie bags and also wash hands (or use hand sanitizer) throughout the night. 

4. Host a costume parade

Another way to show off those great costumes while gathering candy is a costume parade. Get the neighborhood together and have the kids strut their Halloween stuff (appropriately distanced) while spectators toss candy for participants to collect as they go. 

5. Put those ghosts in the machine

And if outdoor activities aren’t feasible, there are plenty of ways to adapt them for safe, virtual festivities. Get friends and family together for a Zoom pumpkin carving session or Monster Mash dance party. There are even apps like Treat Town, where you decorate your virtual house and collect and share virtual candy with the folks you invite to join from all across the US. 

6. Organize a door/yard decoration contest

For those communities that love to decorate their homes for Halloween, why not put together a contest? You and your family can stroll through the neighborhood, taking in the creepy scenes created by your neighbors, and then vote on the best. If you don’t want to use a physical ballot box, consider using a social media group to gather all the votes. 

7. Haunt your own house

Some families may want to just hang out at their place for Halloween this year – but that doesn’t mean you can’t pack in a few frights. Make your own haunted house for your family to enjoy. One person can put together a scary journey for the others, or each family member can be in charge of decorating and “haunting” a room.  

8. Get your scary movie on

Nothing says Halloween like a good scary movie fest! And this year there are streaming options aplenty, so you can settle in with some popcorn in the comfort of your home. Or, if you’d like to share the thrills with others at a safe distance, check to see if one of the many pop-up drive-in movie theaters is in your area and showing a good flick for Halloween.  

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