Our Favorite 2020 Fashion Trends of the Oscars Red Carpet and New York Fashion Week

February is a big month for those of us who love to gawk at the dresses and tuxes of the red carpet and the designer collections of New York Fashion Week. And as designers of customized apparel ourselves, inspiration is everywhere at these events. Check out some of our favorite trends so far.

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Plenty of frills

Whether it was the red ruffles of Kristin Wiig’s “lasagna” dress or the great big bows we saw on both the red carpet and the runway, there were a lot of dramatic silhouettes to digest. Certainly, all those embellished sleeves we saw will be a fun trend to watch unfold in 2020. 

For our part, we’re excited to hear one of Fashionista’s takeaways from NYFW: “From dramatic plaid pussy-bows to more subtle ribbon neck-ties, designers didn’t skimp on neckwear this season.” Sounds like there will be no lack of inspiration for our scarves design this year!

nyfw, custom scarves, custom apparel, fashion trends

A new take on classic prints

Speaking of plaid, Women’s Wear Daily noticed more than a few collections “where plaids and florals were reworked with punk-meets-modern chic.” What a relief that our collective nostalgia for 90s fashion will live on in this year’s grunge-inspired plaids! 

Those florals WWD mentioned also spilled off the runway and onto the NYFW street styles. Like us, Vogue was loving this trend: “An unexpected and often overlooked print for winter, flower-dotted looks were a fresh-as-a-daisy way to stand out.” Year-round florals? We’re into it.

Ponchos and capes – need we say more?

When it is time to wrap up and head outside, Elle thinks they have pinpointed this year’s next big trend: “Ponchos and capes, especially in oversized, floor-length silhouettes, will be the it-coat next.” Wondering how to pull off a floor-length cape? Natalie Portman will show you how.

nyfw, custom scarves, custom apparel, fashion trends

Real statement pieces

Of course, we can’t bring up Natalie Portman’s red carpet ensemble without mentioning yet another notable trend. At both events, celebrities and designers showcased their causes through their fashion choices.

At the Oscars, Portman’s embroidered gown offered a shout-out to prominent women directors who were not nominated this year. Meanwhile, NYFW collections like Gabriela Hearst’s “Repurpose with Purpose” started a conversation around sustainability in fashion. For us, making a statement through fashion design is an exciting prospect and leads to some of our favorite cause-driven projects for customers.

What are our big trend takeaways? It’s about inspiration.

Big trends trickle down in interesting ways. And in the world of customized apparel, we get to see how people make those trends their own. Our custom designs are a conversation – between the trends that inspire our customers and those that inspire us – that concludes when we have a unique product we’re proud of and our customers love.


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