With over 13,000 trade shows held in the U.S. annually, most businesses are engaging in these events at least once a year.  Many businesses have found trade shows to be an effective way to connect with existing customers and meet new customers on a large scale.  In addition to having an eye-catching booth, it is important that your trade show team look their best.  Your team’s appearance is a direct reflection of your company and will often leave a lasting impression on potential customers.  Here are 3 important factors to consider when picking out your team’s trade show attire.

Plan Ahead

Coordinated your trade show outfit ahead of time. Clearly communicate expectations (e.g., no jeans) so your team can know what to pack. Shop4Ties CEO, Becky Galvez recommends picking attire that matches and allows for individuality.  For example, everyone working in the booth should wear the same colored shirt each day but have the freedom to choose their slacks.  “In my experience, this helps unify who you are as individuals and as an organization,” says Becky.

Be Creative. Keep it Professional

Being professional doesn’t mean being boring. Based on the location or theme of the show, there are many ways you can add some creativity to your trade show wardrobe. For example, your team could wear custom bow ties for a trade show in Las Vegas. If you are attending a trade show with a tropical theme, consider custom Hawaiian shirts adorned with your company’s logo.  Adding some creative touches showcases your company’s fun side making you more approachable to prospective clients.

Incorporate Your Logo

Your company logo should always be part of your trade show attire.  If you are looking for something other than the typical trade show shirt, consider adding your logo to a custom accessory.  Logo ties for men or scarves for women add a nice pop of color and branding to any trade show outfit.  Becky Galvez has worked with many companies seeking new ways to express corporate identity through attire. In her experience, this can help a company stand out and “creates a sense of pride and unity” among employees. In addition, branded accessories make a great giveaway item for customers and certainly will last much longer than a pen or wrapped candy.

Having a well-dressed trade show staff can help draw attention to your booth and leave a positive impression on your customers.  From Hawaiian shirts to custom ties, Shop4Ties offers many fun options that can help your trade show team stand out and look their best.  Contact us today to learn more about our custom corporate attire for men and women!