When looking for custom ties, the amount of options may be astonishing.

Printed or woven?  Polyester or silk?  Stripes or no stripes?! We can help!  We’ll walk you through this process to make sure that you’re completely satisfied with your unique ties.  Here is how we start the creation process, step by step.

Custom ties start with art

When you first contact us, we’ll ask for any logos, artwork, particular colors, or design suggestions to get your custom tie sketches started. High-resolution files and Pantone colors are preferred, but our artists can work with starter ideas such as “white text on a blue background.”  We can work with your idea, no matter how open or specific it is, though having an idea helps focus your design time.

For small orders (30-99 pieces), we include two hours of complimentary design time, which is generally enough for a few starting designs and revisions.  We include more design time with larger orders (100+ pieces).  If your design requires additional revisions past your allotted time, our artwork fees are billed at $45/hour.  We will notify you in advance of reaching your artwork time limit.

Here are some design examples from our own custom Shop4ties ties, where we started with the color of our logo, Pantone 2728. While we cannot completely replicate exact Pantone colors because we are creating with fabric instead of paper, we do our best to use this system to match colors as closely as possible.  We decided to forgo putting a logo on the front.  Instead, we’ll feature our company name on the woven label on the back.  (More on that in a future post!)

We asked for a few different pattern options featuring our main blue color and coordinating blues and neutrals.

P.S.: The © copyright marks are just part of the design process; they are not part of the final tie design!

Shop4ties custom tie design: Buffalo check

Buffalo check

Shop4ties custom tie idea: plaid


Shop4ties custom tie sketch: Swiss Dots

Swiss Dots

Shop4ties custom tie idea: Paisley















Most people are looking to have their ties feature their image, no matter for a company, school, or club.  Here are some custom tie designs we’ve created for other organizations to showcase their colors and logos:


Next steps: what do you think?

After we send you the first round of artwork with a few design options, we’ll ask for your input.  Specific feedback here can be helpful to creating your perfect custom tie:  “I like the first tie, but the background color should be darker.”  “Can I see the second tie with smaller stripes?”  “We’d like to see the logo large at the end instead of repeated throughout.”

We’ll give these suggestions to our artists and update you with the changes until you find a design you love!

Still have questions about your choices?  We’re happy to help, just send us an email!


Next up: Part two, choosing your fabric and materials!