So in our custom ties making process, we’ve started with so many options and are narrowing them down.  Now we just have a few last things to take off our checklist:

When making custom ties, the details can make the difference between the drab and the distinguished.  We can help!

Woven labels

One thing all our ties receive is a custom woven label, free of charge. Most customers go for simple and clear text, like “Designed Exclusively for Shop4ties” in coordinating colors.  We do have the option of recreating logos and designs to make your tie stand out.  Note that these woven labels are fairly small overall — about 2″ wide by 3/4″ tall — so we need to keep artwork clean and with four colors or less.

Custom width, lengths, and styles

All tie widths and lengths are customizable as well.  For years our standard was 3.5″ wide ties.  Now our default is 3.25″ wide to align with current styles.  We can make trendy “skinny” ties at a slim 2″ or 2.5″ wide as well.  We can make your tie at any width you choose to suit your needs.

We can also can create your ties at different lengths within the same order.  Our standard length tie is 58″ long, and extra long ties are normally 61″ long.  This is a great way to make “youth” length ties as well.  For very young children, ties are created at 48″ long, or 52″ inches for students in 5-8th grade.

Additionally, we can take your design and make it into coordinating bow ties too!  Bow ties come in either a self-tie or pre-tied style, both with an 18″ adjustable neckband.  You can have an order with both neckties and bow ties within the same order, as long as the fabric type is the same: same artwork/design, same material and style (ie., printed polyester or woven silk).

We can split an order into different lengths and necktie/bow tie styles as needed, as long as the fabric and design remains the same. For instance, if you were ordering 50 pieces, you could have 30 regular length ties, 10 extra long ties, and 10 self-tie bow ties at no additional charge.

Custom tipping and imprints

These small design features can have a big impact! Another choice option to make your ties stand out is custom tipping (the inside lining of the tie) and imprints (specific position printing of a logo or other mark). Tipping and imprints do incur a small additional fee on a case-by-case basis; contact us and we’ll discuss what works best for your needs.

Now you’re all ready to create your custom ties!

Contact us today to get your artwork started and create a unique tie ready to stand out in the world.